Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Summer update

Well we are in week 6 with the kids, and that means they go home this Saturday, as they start school next week.
Rob is already sad. The last 6 weeks went by so fast, we didn't even get to do all the stuff we planned. Like taking the kids to get professional pictures taken, I still might try to pull that off.
Just when we are starting to get in a routine of sorts, it's over.
I feel bad for Rob and the kids, it's so hard on all of them being apart. But we'll be picking them up again soon and spending a few days in a cabin on Lake Seminole in Georgia and then again around Christmas. And I know there Mom is missing them like crazy and can't wait for them to get home.
Tomorrow night Rob & Ian are going to a Rock concert, which is what they have been looking forward to all summer. They are going to the Mayhem Festival in Palm Beach. Not my kind of music, but they love it. Bands like Slipknot and Disturbed will be there....I know I know, not kid appropriate at all, but that's the music Ian grew up listening to and he's super excited about the concert and we have have black and red spray-in hair color for him. He would never be allowed to go to this concert but Since Rob is taking him it's okay. When I first met Rob I went to a Slipknot concert with him and I have to tell you it was a FREAK SHOW, I may never recover and I was truly amazed at how many young children were there. Ian is almost 15, but no way would we let a 9 or 10 year old go to that type of concert.
Stay tuned for the rest of our summer wrap.....

Monday, July 28, 2008

Wacky Tacky

On Saturday afternoon Megan went to a Wacky Tacky birthday party with Jessica & Carlee before their big Concert night. Thanks Jess & Carlee for inviting Megan to the party. Carlee even won a trophy at the party for her wacky outfit, sorry I don't have pictures of that.
This was our first Wacky Tacky event, so weren't to sure but apparently you dress all crazy. So here is what we came up with for Megan to wear. Her favorite thing was the pink hair of course.

We were not sure if makeup was something that worked but we sure had fun caking it on. Notice the eyebrows. The girl is so blond you can barely see her eyebrows, so we created some. Megan is pretty shy so the outfit couldn't be to crazy or she wouldn't leave the house. She wore a sparkly black top with pink plaid shorts, a green belt, a Hawaiian lay and she was sporting some pink hair.

Fun Crazy Weekend

Saturday night there were 8 kids sleeping at our house (what was I thinking??). Everyone came over for the Premiere of the Hanna Montana Concert in 3D on Disney Channel. The kids had a blast and were very well behaved. They ate pizza and brownies and other junk. And screamed and yelled and danced all around. The lights were out and the music was loud.
We had our three, Ian 14, Nate 10 & Megan 9, then we picked up Jen's (my cousin) 4 kids, Frankie 10, Jessica 8, Carlee 6 and Nick 4. And my good friend and adopted Sister Lisa came over with her daughter Kayla 9, who is also a cousin to Jen's kids. And Aunt Lisa also spent the night to help us keep with riot control.
It started out great, although the boys lost interest after about 10 minutes, but the girls hung in there and it they went crazy when the Jonas Brother came on and the girls even caught the 2nd show at 9:30pm. We started out having all the girls camp out in the living room and the boys in the front room, but somehow by the end of the night it ended up the other way around with boys in the living room and girls in the front room.

Here is the gang (notice the gang signs..LOL) sporting their 3D glasses. Thanks for bringing us the glasses Aunt Lisa!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Jon!!

Today is our good friend Jon's Birthday.
Happy Birthday Jon!! We hope you have the BEST Birthday ever and we hope all your birthday wishes come true!!!

This Jon with his beautiful wife Suzie and one of their pooches (Bailey)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Reverse Tye dye shirts.....

On Saturday, Megan, Nathan and I made some reverse Tye dye shirts. I got the idea from a fellow blogger. (Thanks Wendy).
There is no dye involved just put rubber bands all over a dark colored shirt, then soak it in bleach and water in your kitchen sink for about 10 minutes.
Megan's shirt was red and turned bright pink, and Nate's shirt was also red but his turned orange. We also made one for Ian, his was blue and turned sort of a tan color with blue rings . We were very excited the way they turned out. We were on our way to the pool, so it looks like Megan is only wearing the shirt but they both have on their bathing suites under the shirts.

we cracked up over Nate's because he said it looked like his shirt had two boobs and a belly button...he was right...LOL

I wear my Sunglass at Night......

Nate....Don't Mess with Him
Ian....he's just too cool to smile

Picture catch up...

These are pictures from our visit to the park last weekend, it was really windy and rainy, so we couldn't really fish, instead we just hung out and enjoyed the cool breeze.

Can you see how windy it was and cloudy...

Megan & Nathan
Cutie Pie

The kids were climbing the walls....

Ian...Skater Boy

Human totem pole????

It was so Windy

Megan rocking out

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Happy Birthday DAD!!

Today is my Dad's Birthday... "The Buck"
Happy Birthday Dad!!! We hope you have the BEST Birthday ever. We miss you and can't wait to celebrate with you in a few weeks.
Dad lives in the Keys and his friends had a fun birthday weekend plan, including an offshore fishing trip!! Hope you catch lots of Dolphin Dad.
We LOVE YOU!! Happy Birthday!!

This Dad in the keys & a barracuda he caught when he took us fishing

Thursday, July 17, 2008

More Megan Cuteness.....

This kid should be in the movies...she is such a natural beauty.

Daddys Girl

This picture just melts my heart. Can you stand how cute it is!?!?!? Megan is a Daddy's Girl, that's for sure. I took this picture on Sunday at the park. I just love it and had to share it...

Megan and Daddy

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Summer Update

The kids have been with us for 3 weeks so far and time is flying and Rob can not be any happier or more tired..LOL The weather has been touch & go but we’ve certainly managed to spend plenty of time in the sun, at the beach or in the pool.
In only 3 weeks, the kids have been to a Marlins game, Ice Skating, Surfing (several times), One trip to Bass Pro, swimming and have been to the movies twice, and today we (just Me, Megan & Nate and Allie a friend from the neighborhood) saw Kung Fu Panda, the kids loved it. And can I just say the prices at the movies for food, ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! Seriously bottled water was $3.50. Thank goodness for the kids special, which is $5 they get popcorn, drink and Oreo’s. Thank goodness we had a gift card that we used for our tickets.
The company I work for gave us $75 Visa gift cards to use because of the crazy gas prices, wasn’t that great? I work for an amazing company!! I was also lucky enough to score two of them; thanks go my very generous friend Vicky!!
So with the gift cards I took the boys shoe shopping and back pack shopping for school. Ian just had to have the special kind of Skateboard shoes and Nate being the little brother, has to be equally as cool. But Rob told the boys we could not spent $60 or $70 on shoes this year, we just couldn’t afford it and we were NOT going to the mall, so instead we were off to Ross and Marshalls, and Nate found himself a pair of Vans for only $14.99 at Ross and Ian got a pair of Circa’s for $29.99 (Normally $65) and they both got backpacks, Jansport and Swiss Army for less than $20, everyone was happy and we didn’t break the bank. Plus we had money left over for the movies. And Megan found a pink lunch box for $4.99 she already got new shoes for her birthday (which also came for Ross). Personally I hate shopping at those stores for myself because I swear I can never find anything, but it’s my new favorite spot for shopping for the kids. They have the brand names the kids want and the prices we can afford geez I sound like a commercial.

Nathan has been going to work with Rob a lot, as he is a big help (Rob does cable, Internet and phone installs) and this kid has scored some major items, customers have given Nathan; a Giant remote control boat, a stereo and motorized scooter and he got someone to give him a kite at the beach. Some of the items he got were broken but of course Nate fixed them all immediately as the kid is a genius at 10 years old. Oh yeah, he also fixed the sub woofer in Rob’s car stereo. Did I mention he’s only 10!?!?

Besides all the FUN things, we’ve had a few little issues, let’s see…Ian dropped his cell phone in a glass of soda (cell phone ruined), Megan woke up at 2am puking one night, but she was fine after she got sick. Ian managed to lock himself out of the house once and had to wait about 2 hours for us to come home. Nate had a little accident this week he crashed on his scooter, I blame Rob for letting him go so fast!! He’s fine, not even any tears but he is pretty scratched up.
Let’s see what else, oh yeah; the boys are in love……yes both of them. Ian is 14 and just as cute as he can be and there is a girl his age, Brittany, that lives in our building who has been smitten with Ian for the last few years, Ian hangs out with her but no romance on his part, but she adores him (calls him nonstop) and this summer he met Jessica, who Ian just adores, now you see the problem forming? We have one jealous girl now. Jessica lives a few buildings away. The problem we have now is Ian doesn’t want to spend any time with Brittany now and he only wants to hang with Jessica. Jessica & Brittany are friends (at least they started out that way). Oh the drama!! Jessica is a sweet girl and we adore her. She’s a joy to have around and she surfs. Brittany really has nothing in common with Ian, so when Ian & Jess go surfing Brittany gets mad…ah young love.
Also, Brittany’s little sister Ali is smitten with Nathan and Nathan seems to adore her as well, yes they are only 10 but Nate wants to spend every waking minute with her. Of course NONE of them are allowed to be alone together; they can come over only when we are home. Today I had 6 kids in the house, as it’s raining outside today. I don’t mind the kids being over but when they start knocking at the door at 8:30 am still in their PJ’s, I kind of have a problem with that. Yes Ali was at the door this morning, at what must have been the minute she woke up. I sent her home and said, come back in about an hour after everyone was up and breakfast was over. And I’d had time for several cups of coffee.
Yesterday, I was off work and after we went shoe shopping we went swimming over my cousin’s house (they have 4 kids) and Megan & Nate love going over there, of course when it was time to leave they were begging me to stay. So I left them there for a few hours and Rob picked them up on his way back from taking Ian & Jessica surfing and I had a few hours to myself to NAP!!! It was AWESOME thanks Jen & Frank!!!
Okay, I think I should end this monster post….I’m not sure what the next 3 weeks has in-store for us, but probably a trip to the water park, more swimming and surfing and a few sleep over’s at my cousin’s house.
Here are few pictures……

The was the view from thier seats at the Marlins game, not bad..huh
Thanks Doreen & Dave!!!
Nate working on his scooter.....in his element
Getting ready to ride, before the big crash

The crew at the Beach, from the left in white shirt, Jessica, standing is Nate, then Tyler, Aunt Kate in the hat, then Ian and then Megan...
Is that a real person behind them????
Tyler and yes Ian bending over.....
Nate digging his way to China
Surfs Up....or not

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Visit with Mom

Rob's Mom Karen & her friend Sandy have been here for a week visiting from San Antonio, Texas. Her husband Moate is still in Iraq, so it was a girls getaway.
They stayed on the beach, the best way to vacation in Florida. I don't have pictures really because I wasn't feeling well most of the time she was here, but Rob & the Kids spent lots of time with her and had loads of fun. Last night we went to dinner and here's a cute picture of Rob and his beautiful Mom. Thanks for everything Mom!! We miss you already and hope to see you soon!!

So Sweet!!!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Ice Skating......

We took the kids and Rob's nephew Tyler Ice Skating Saturday tonight.
It's pretty funny that Tyler came all the way from Chilly Wisconsin to Sunny Florida to try Ice Skating for the first time. Rob, Tyler & Nathan had the most fun. Ian gave it a far chance but it just wasn't his thing and Miss Megan, well she was the most excited to go, she kept asking us all day, how many hours until we go and once we got there she wouldn't skate no matter how much Rob tried to talk her into it. She put one skate on and said no way. I of course was the photographer, it's been many many years since I've ice skated and it wasn't worth me breaking my butt on the ice. But it was sure fun to watch everyone else fall...LOL
Here are a few pictures, they aren't great because the class is all scratched up that you have to look through.
Here's the Motley Crew...don't they look HAPPY or is that Terrified??
This is how Megan spent the night...eating and watching the boys

Rob & Tyler
Rob & Nate on the ice
The Boys hugged the wall most of the time....
There goes Nathan...
There goes Rob & Tyler


Megan and I made cupcakes and some even had feet!! Check out the ones in the back....

The Purple feet are Megans favorite!!
This morning, two cupcakes had the frosting missing...hmmm, wonder who that could have been, but I understand because the frosting is the BEST Part!!