Saturday, January 31, 2009

Rob is Visiting the Kids

I'm all alone this weekend. Rob went to visit the kids on Thursday and he'll be back on Sunday. I can't wait for him to come home, I miss him!!! But I know he's loving his time with the kids. I wish I was with them but I only have so much vacation time and I will get to see the kids on Spring Break. They are having loads of fun and I can't wait to see the pictures he's taken. He says he's taken lots of pictures so stay tuned and check back to see the pictures!!!
Have a GREAT Weekend everyone and to all our family that follows are blog....WE LOVE YOU AND WE MISS YOU!!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Missing my Aunt & Cousin

I am SOOOO Missing My Aunt Ginger and my Cousin Amy in South Carolina!!!
They are shopping and planning for Amy's upcoming Wedding and I wish I was with them to enjoy this exciting and fun time!!! They are attending fun things like Wedding Shows and Bridal shops. Enjoy all the fun you two!!

Look how cute they are!!! Amy will be the MOST Beautiful Bride!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Where do you wish you were today?

Today I wish I was sitting on the Dock of Bay, sipping on a tasty beverage and Watching the tide roll away just sitting on the dock of the bay Wasting know how the song goes. I could use some relaxing would be so nice.

And the cocktail I'd be drinking and the one in the picture is a Chambord Margarita. Doesn't it look refreshing!!

2 oz Jose Cuervo® 1800 tequila
1 oz Cointreau® orange liqueur
1 oz Chambord® raspberry liqueur
4 oz sweet and sour mix

Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker half-filled with ice cubes. Shake well, and pour over ice in a salt-rimmed margarita glass. Serve.

Enjoy your day!!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Pinewood Derby

My Nephew Billy came in 2nd at the Pinewood Derby Boy Scouts Race. Congratulations Billy!!!! We are so proud of you!!! And you had the coolest looking car in the race!!!
Billy with his 2nd place ribbon!!
The track - see Billy at the left
Billy's car crossing the finish line

Some of the cars - Billy's the 3rd from the left, with the fin on the back...
Great Job Billy & Chad (for setting up the car)

Update on Dad "The Buck"

Dad is still recovering from his surgery. He had a little set back. The doctor removed the tube on Thursday morning but he had to be rushed back to the doctor by the end of the day because he was in so much pain. Thanks to Uncle Lenny for being the hero and rushing Dad back to the doctor. They put the tube back in and it will stay until this Wednesday, just to be safe. He still feels pretty good and his getting around fine. He's camping out at our house now. Which is fine with us, we love his company!!!
I know he is counting the minutes until he can get back to normal again!!
Hang in there Dad!!! We Love You!!

Friday, January 23, 2009


We are so looking forward to the weekend. It's been a long and busy week. The weather is supposed to be gorgeous here in Sunny South Florida and it's a perfect weekend to be out and about. Lots going on around town. Art Festival's at the beach and The Nautical Flea Market is back this weekend. No Snow, No Rain, No Freezing!!
We Hope everyone has a FABULOUS weekend!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Dad "The Buck" is recovering today from surgery he had yesterday. He had between 40-50 kidney stones removed. We (Me, Gina & Aunt Dot) spent the entire day at the hospital, and he was able to come home in the early evening yesterday.

He is doing great and is happy that is all over and he's not in pain anymore and so are the rest of us!! Of course I can't breath the minute I walk in that stupid hospital and the minute they said he was done and in recovery I had to get out of there. I spent the last couple of hours waiting outside the hospital.

Thanks to my Aunt Dot and Sister Gina for being able to hang when I just couldn't take it anymore.

Today, Uncle Lenny had some minor surgery as well, and he is home and doing well also. Both of them are recovering at Aunt Dot's House.

Thanks Aunt Dot for always taking such good care of all of us!!!


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Little Indians

I found these cute pictures of Nathan & Megan on Rob's Camera. They are from our visit to Quite Waters Park over the summer. The park had a great camp ground area but it was completely destroyed after the hurricane a few years ago. They are finally restoring the camping area and they put up these Teepee's ..

We soooooooooo miss these little indians!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom

I am so sad as Today is my Mom's Birthday. She would have been 65 today and she was so looking forward to finally getting ready to retire and she wanted a big party.

I miss her you so much and I hope she is at peace.

My heart has never known such heartache and I can't catch my breath sometimes from the pain. As time passes the pain doesn't go away, it just changes and sometimes it's even worse than ever.

Today I Celebrate my Mom and I am thankful for the time that I had her in my life.

I Love You Mom and I will never stop missing you!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


I've been off the sugar for about a week now, (baby steps) except for the occasional chocolate kiss, that seem to be abundant in my office right now.
And I am soooo craving something sweet right now. Over the Holiday's my Aunt Dot served up some of the most delicious Chocolate filled Croissants and they were soooo good!!
They came from William-Sonoma!! I didn't even know they sold food, did you? And they can be shipped right to your door!!
I would LOVE to have one of those right now!! See the chocolate peaking out of the croissants!!


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Where is my husband????

I think my husband has been kid napped by my Dad!!!!
Rob's truck broke down over the weekend!!! Which totally sucks because Rob can't work without his truck and if he doesn't work he doesn't get paid. The truck won't be fixed until Monday, to the tune of $500+...PLEAZE!!!! It never ends.
But that's okay for Rob because my Dad, "The Buck" has kid-napped him again today. So much for our plans to get some things done around the house. Dad & Rob are off to Loxahatchee to fish again. Ever since my cousin Frank let Rob keep his boat in his warehouse Rob is always tempted to go fishing and now that my Dad is back up here full-time, he just fuels the fire. I am going to have to talk to Frank, he needs to take his boat back so I can see my husband again on the weekends!!! On second thought, I think I'll just go to the mall and get a pedicure, then I'll come home and cook dinner for the boys.I'm not complaining, I'm very happy to see my Dad as often as I can, however I'm not seeing him as much as my husband is....whatever!!
I did get Rob to take the camera with him, so hopefully they have some pictures of the BIG fish they catch, or not.....stay tuned

Edited: They are back and while they had NO fish with them, they did manage to take a few pictures for me to post.

The beautiful Florida Everglades!!!
It was a beautiful Florida day
There's The Buck
Here they are, my two favorite Men!!
They are two pea's in a pod!!! You gotta love em... I sure do!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

New Fishing Pole for Dad

My Dad "The Buck" as we lovely call lots of Bass Pro gift cards for Christmas. (We love us some Bass Pro in our family!!)
Anyway Rob is a huge Bass fisherman and swears by the Bait Caster type of reel to fish with, and My Dad, like myself have been fishing forever (of course Dad way longer than me) and we never used or needed the likes of a Bait Caster!!! We grew up in South Florida, hello, Loxahattchee was our weekend hangout, we caught plenty of fish on good old Cane Poles and spinning reels.
Well my Dad has finally given in (I'm in shock & I still refuse) and he now has a bait caster. Here's a few pictures of Dad & Rob & their poles.....

Here's the started out all fine and dandy....waiting for the big fish and BTW do you see that thing on Dad's chin? What the heck?
I think he's trying to look like Rob with that chin action.

Then the trouble w/the Bait Caster reel starts and it never ends I tell you. You see with this type of reel you have to apply a certain amount of pressure to some release button and make sure your release at just the right time and if you don't you get back lash (which basically means your line is now a tangled mess inside your reel) and takes you 10 minutes to fix!!
Okay who wants to deal with all that, fishing is fun and Zen like, If I wanted to worry about all that other stuff when I'm fishing, thumb pressure, release time, etc. I'd rather go shopping!! So below is Dad trying to untangle his line......if you know him, you can already hear what's he's saying!!!

They are back at it.......but wait is Rob having a problem now......hmmm

Will you look at the size of Rob's bait!!! What is he trying to catch a Monster Bass??? Keep Dreaming Babe

So I am patiently waiting w/my camera for them to reel in a lunker....waiting & waiting, so I snap a few pictures of my's the little pond.
Still here's the lovely tree I'm sitting in front of. We used to have tons of these gorgeous trees but after hurricane most of them are gone...This one was lucky.

Still waiting......getting bored as I don't have my fishing pole, Rob never brings my pole!!!
What to do.......look down and snap a picture of my feet...
Well I didn't stick around much longer.....and they didn't come home with any fish, maybe next time they'll use the NORMAL poles.....yeah right.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Wedding Shower

Between Christmas & New Years, a Wedding Shower snuck in there. Robin & Mike will get married in February and last Saturday was her shower. Here are a few pictures from the shower. I was busy writing down her gifts, so I missed a lot of other pictures of Robin opening her gifts, but she got lots of great stuff!!!

Robin especially loved her new Pots & Pans!!!
Robins Maid-of-Honor who lives out of town...sent in these Waterford Crystal toasting flutes.

Robin & one of her BFF''s Gisella (who gave the shower)
Robin with her Mom, Mike's Mom & Mike's Sister Lisa
Robin & The Mom's
Putting on her shower hat....
Now she's all ready to walk down the isle...
Congratulations Robin!!!

We are so happy for you and Mike and can't wait until the big day!!!

A few more pictures from Christmas

My hubby is in bed sick sick sick, poor baby. So I'm catching up on some picture posts. Here are few more random pictures from Christmas Eve & Christmas for my out of town family to see!!!

Aunt Dot full of Holiday Joy
Rob trying not to injure himself on Frankie's Rip Stick
Beau LOVES his new laptop bag Aunt Dot gave him, to go with his new laptop
Billy boy opening some transformers
Nick got a Hockey set for Christmas and they were playing hard
Nick & Carlee

Jen & Frank's Tree
Santa brought Frankie a new gun, so he could hunt Bambi.....WHAT!!!
Nick loves his new lasers
Carlee Rae

Christmas Eve at Mike's House

Cousins & Siblings...Nick, Frankie, Jessica, Kayla & Carlee
Gorgeous Sisters!!!
Jen and her Frankie Boy
Robin & Mike and their babies....their dogs (can't remember their names)
Mike and his Christmas pooch
The dogs were all decked out in their Holiday Frocks