Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Megan

Here's the Birthday Girl.....We think she is the most beautiful girl in the World World!! Happy Birthday Megan, Princess of the World...WE LOVE YOU!!

Today Miss Megan turns 9 years old!! We celebrated with all the friends & family yesterday. And today we'll have a very special dinner to celebrate.

Happy Birthday Amy!!!

The Birthday Girl!!

Today is my Gorgeous Cousin Amy's Birthday!!!! Happy Birthday AMY!!! We hope you have the BEST Birthday ever and may all your Birthday Wishes come true!! We sure wish we could be there with you to celebrate your Birthday!! We Miss You and We Love You.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Megan's Party

Today we had a Hanna Montana Birthday Party for Megan. It's was lots of fun!! Her actual birthday is tomorrow, but we had the party today and we'll celebrate again tomorrow, just a little more low key.
Here are some pictures from the party.

Blowing Out her candles....all 9 of them!!
Make a Wish!!
The Birthday Girl and all her loot
Getting ready to open her presents

She loves the Webkinz!!
and the BRATZ dolls
and lots of clothes
of course a Hanna Montana Shirt
New Skateboard shoes and lots of Webkinz accessories
Megan got loads more presents. Thanks to everyone for coming to the party and for all the really cool gifts. Megan can't wait to wear her new bathing suit, try on all her new clothes and play with all her new games and get on-line and set up her new Webkinz.


Today is our Cousin Tracy's Birthday!! Happy Birthday Tracy!!! We hope you have the BEST Birthday ever!!
We Miss You!! & We Love You!!

Below is a picture of our Handsome cousin Tracy, hope he doesn't kill me for posting this picture. I believe this was the Electric Slide. Tracy is in the blue shirt on the Right, and our nephew Beau is next to him....the men in our family now how to shake it baby!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


The kids have been here for almost 4 days and between the cooking, the cleaning, the laundry, WORKING at my normal job, and trying to keep everyone happy and organized, I'm exhausted. Hat's off to all you working Mom's out there with 3 or more kids!!
The kids have been swimming and fishing and Megan's been on two shopping spree's already. Once with me to pick out a party dress to wear for her birthday party. We scored at The Limited Too with 40% off all already reduced items and buy one get one 1/2 off all hair accessories and a sale a payless baby. Then once with my friend Laura who watched Megan today, and took her shopping and she scored an ankle bracelete, toe ring and a shirt!!

Tomorrow Rob's Sister Kate and nephew Tyler arrive to join our already crowded condo!! It'll be cozy.
We are excited to see Kate & Tyler and so are the kids.
Ian has already caught a Monster Bass. The Kid is a Pro Bass Fisherman, and he will stay all day until he get's the big one and he usually does.
See the picture below.
We managed to make it to the beach one night, to look for shells and do some surf fishing. It was really fun, and of course being on the beach makes it even better. We are so spoiled living minutes from the beach.
Stay tuned for the rest of our busy summer.

Ian & His Monster BASS he caught in our pond
Megan with her shell collection
Nate caught some seaweed
Here's the Gang.
Not a bad sunset for being on the East Coast....
Nate did more posing than fishing
My Sweetie fishing at sunset
Ian - trying not to get to wet
Nate playing his fishing pole
Megan gets a piggy back ride from her Dad

Pretty Megan
Deerfield Beach

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Ashlyn!!

We'd like to wish our Cousin Miss Ashlyn a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!
We hope you had the BEST Birthday ever Ashlyn!!
Ashlyn is in South Carolina with her family (Her Daddy is our cousin Tracy and her Grand Parents are my Aunt Ginger & Uncle Vernon and her Aunt Amy is my cousin Amy.

And we sure do miss her and the the whole gang!!
Below is a sweet picture of Ashlyn holding her little cousin Mya's hand...too sweet!!


Sunday, June 22, 2008

We Made It...

We are back and we have all the kids with us. It was a pretty good trip, if you don't count the 16 hours of total driving!!! The Kids were really good and we are all sooo happy to be home.
I brought my camera with me and of course I didn't take a single picture. I promise to start taking pictures tomorrow. I think the kids have grown so much since we saw them last. Tomorrow will be a crazy day, both boys are going to work with Rob and Megan is coming to work with me....stay tuned.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Scramble is on......

We are in the middle of the mad scramble to get things ready for the kids to arrive. Of course we waited until the last minute to get things done. I mean we do have jobs and social events we can’t miss and movies to watch…LOL
And doesn’t everyone keep the top of their unused bunk beds as storage??? I mean its wasted space when the kids are away right!?!??!?
Rob thinks our spare room is his “Man” room when the kids are not visiting, so of course he has to de-funk the room, take out the golf clubs, remove all of his shoes, the spare rooms also becomes Rob’s shoe closet for some reason. We did manage to toss out all the “junk” toys, so the kids have room for more junk, I mean stuff...hee hee
I also managed to clean out the top of my closet to store some things that were currently piled on the top bunk of the bunk beds. Rob put fresh lines on the bunk beds for the kids and fluffed up the pillows.
We or I guess I should say (I) now have the excruciating I mean fun, no it’s excruciating (because I HATE grocery shopping) task of grocery shopping for “kid” food. I have to make a list because we don’t usually keep this kind of food around for obvious reasons. Mac & Cheese, Corn Dogs, Pizza, Chicken Fingers, Pop-Tarts, Fruity Cereal, cookies, and lots of other madness.
We try to offer up the healthy foods first, but you know how that goes. It’s always a hit or miss situation. The little ones are pretty easy but its Ian that is the pickiest eater. I tried to slip in ground turkey into his spaghetti once, but he knew it and said he didn’t like it. We do find ourselves giving into the junk food sometimes because juggling work, 3 kids and company it’s got to be the quick and easy. 10 minutes or less, Rachel Ray’s got nothing on me!!!
Also coming up, is Megan’s birthday so I’ve been planning, at her request, a Hannah Montana Birthday Party!! I’m actually a little ahead of the game on that one so far. Invitations are out, and the party supplies are bought and I just have to order the cake and decide what we’ll be serving for lunch to everyone….I’m thinking lasagna. Don’t laugh!! I know I’ve never made lasagna before but I found a good/easy recipe, and besides it’s really just family and close friends, the best group to try new recipes on right? Who am I kidding, when will I have time to cook? I’m starting to lean towards ordering pizza but last time we did that it cost a fortune, so I’m really going to try to make something instead. We’ll see.
So, the stress continues and we march on, I’ve been scrambling to try and find babysitters for the rest of the summer so we can keep the kids all summer, otherwise they have to go home after three weeks. The first three weeks Rob’s Sister Kate and his Mom, Karen will be here to help us out. But I actually think I have it figured out. After calling on some family and friends, and juggling vacation days, I think we actually have it all worked out and we’ll be able to keep the kids all summer!! Man I am exhausted just thinking about it!! But it'll be really good for Rob and the kids. And the kids will be soooo excited and Ian will get to go see his favorite band with his Dad, and it’ll be his first real rock concert. That will be a memorable experience for both of them because they are both passionate about their music.
Okay, people sorry for the long post. Check back a lot during the summer, I will post about our summer adventures and take lots of pictures……..we’ll have the kids on Sunday!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Fathers Day - Post #3

Just wanted to Wish all the BEST Father's we Know and Love A Happy Fathers Day!!
Dad, Moate, Uncle Lenny, Uncle Vernon, Frank, Tracy, Scott, Randy, Chad, Len, Lenny, Joe B. & Grandpa in Alabama.

We Love You!! Have an AWESOME Day!!

Happy Fathers Day - Post #2

Happy Fathers Day Babe!!!
Today on Father's Day I know that Rob is a little sad because we don't pick up the kids until next week. But, that's okay because I got him a great gift "from the kids", Tickets to see his favorite band. Rob is such a GREAT Dad and just watching him around his kids he's like a giant kid himself. My heart Melts seeing the joy they bring to him.
We are just counting the days until they arrive. So stayed tuned because I'll have loads of pictures from our summer with the kids.
Rob dancing with his Baby Girl.......Miss Megan Princess of the World
This a favorite picture of mine of Rob and Megan

Happy Father's Day...Post #1

My Sister & I are very lucky, we have the BEST Dad in th whole world. He's always been so Caring & Loving, and handsome. As a child I remember thinking he must be the strongest, toughest, coolest man in the world and as long as he was around I would always be safe...I like to think I get some of my best qualities from my Dad!!
Thank you Lord for giving my sister and I such an amazing Dad!!
Here are some favorite pictures of Me and my Dad......

Dancing with my Dad at my Wedding.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

10 More Days....

Only 10 more days until we see these beautiful faces......Nathan, Ian and Megan.
And we can't wait!! We'll be celebrating Megan's 9th Birthday while she's here and the kids will be spending time with their Grandma Karen, Aunt Kate and there cousin Tyler who will also be in town visiting. So it'll be an extra special treat for the kiddies.


Monday, June 9, 2008

Awesome Weekend

It was especially hard going back to work today because we both wish we were still in Naples. We love it over there and we can't wait to go back. Rob wants to move there. It is so quite and clean and the fishing and the sunsets are breath taking. The white sand beaches and the crystal clear water are amazing.
Let me say a special THANK YOU to our good friends Kelly & Hans for treating us to such an awesome weekend. We had so much fun with you guys and it was especially nice to have some time to spend with old an friend and catch up on some "girl talk" why the boys had fun fishing.
Here are some pictures from our weekend.

This was the view from our room
looking down at the pool

Rob wearing is "resort" robe...
Kelly bringing the cocktails...
Hans & Rob with thier cocktails
Hans & Kelly (You guys ROCK!!)
The view of our resort from the water
Crystal Clear could see tons of Snook everywhere
Kelly & Hans
Our view from the pool
Here comes the Sunset pictures.........

Here the kids are lining up to GONG the sunset