Saturday, May 31, 2008

Beach Party

What's better than playing volleyball on the beach???? NOTHING, well actually watching was pretty fun too.
The company I work for has quarterly associates functions, and there's always a theme, this one was a Beach Party, which is perfect since we live and work in Sunny South Florida (we are so spoiled).
This week's function was at the Hillsboro Beach Club. We had open bar, and food, volleyball, surf simulators and sand building contests and we all won cash prizes!! Here are a few pictures......enjoy the sunshine!!!

Sand Sculpture (done by a professional)
Kelly, Dotty & Kara
The Pompano Beach Lighthouse (I actually climbed to the top of it when I was in kindergarten) Shows you how OLD it is.
Practicing before the games begin
Michelle in Action

Ray in Action
What a view

Dana in Action
Florida living.......doesn't get much better

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Rob and I are very excited to be going to see Sharkwater today!! It's a documentary about shark poaching and it looks really awesome. Checkout the website:
They are showing it at the IGFA (International Game Fishing Association) Museum in Dania which is right next to the Bass Pro Store, which is Rob's favorite store, and I promise our little excursion will include one new Bass Pro hat for Rob!! Which is fine because he keeps wearing the other two bass pro hats he has and loves but they are so beat up and ragged out they need to go.
Check back later to find out what we thought of the movie.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Long Weekend....

We are soooo ready for the long weekend and I'm sure you are too!!
We will be sticking around town because who can afford the gas to travel (not us) and the roads will be too crowded anyway. We are looking forward to just chilling out, relaxing, maybe going to the movies and doing some spring cleaning of closets and cabinets to get ready for our busy summer with the kids. I know it sounds like a boring weekend but we’re in for a busy summer so we are savoring our quite time.
We hope everyone has a safe and fun holiday weekend.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Snorkeling pictures

We finally got the pictures developed from our under water camera we took snorkeling. They aren't great but it was a disposable camera.
There were schools of Tarpon all around us
This is a Baracuda (hard to see it)
Rob & Chad
Pattie (It's really me)

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Proramp Designs is Rob's Skateboard and Bike Ramp Design company he's trying to get started. And since the Cable business has been so slow lately, Rob has time on his hands for some other projects. One thing he LOVES is building skateboard and bike ramps. Most of you know that back in Illinois he built an entire skate park, plus tons of other ramps. Tony Hawk even skated at his skate park it was called The Pit.
Here' s a few pictures of what he's been working on. This is just a little quarter pipe he built. He also has an order to build a 5ft tall by 16ft wide Half Pipe Ramp. So he's very excited!!! Because he loves building them and when he's making money at it, it's even better!! I'll be posting pictures of the big ramp as soon as he gets started should be next week.

Finished Quarter pipe
In Progress
Rob's custom notches to hold studs in place (top secret)
Donnie (Rob's helper)
Testing it out....

Dance Recital

Friday Night my Cousin Jen's Girls had their annual dance recital. It was adorable as usual. Only problem was I CLEARLY do not know how to use my camera. Rob says I can't take anymore pictures until I read the manuals. So I apologize for these horrible pictures. Whenever I zoom the pictures get blurry.
Our family has been going to these dance recitals since my Cousin Jen was little and she danced, at the same dance school and now we are going to see her girls dance. So it's pretty cool.
Blogger posted the pictures all in the wrong order.

This is Jessica in her first dance, she's 2nd from the left
This is Carlee (she's in the middle)
Carlee in the middle
close up of Carlee
There is always a Dance with Daddy and this is Frank with the girls. This years Daddy Theme was Sports.
Look at the Beautiful Carlee Rae!!! She has a trophy and flowers.
So Sweet!
Jessica is in the middle
Jess doing the lollipop dance (she's in the middle)
Frank and his girls.....
Proud Daddy with his girls
Jess & Carlee with a friend
Look at how cute Carlee's outfit is!!!
Here's the beautiful Jessica with her Trophy!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Ear Infection!!!

I can’t believe this but I have an ear infection. Growing up in Florida and spending loads of time in the water, I have never once had an ear infection and now the doctor tells me I have swimmers ear. WHAT!!! The only swimming I did recently was in Grand Cayman when we went snorkeling. So I guess that did it.
I am not a good sick person (I’m sure no one is) and I hate it when I don’t feel right (I’m a cranky witch) and let me tell you this ear infection is very painful. It hurts to talk and eat and basically move my head. I started on the antibiotic ear drops yesterday, so far I don’t see a bit of difference, I know, I know it takes time. But I am all about instant gratification….LOL….Hopefully I’ll feel better by the weekend.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Walk to Beautiful

I've been reading several blogs of people that are trying to adopt from Ethiopia and another blogger friend just returned from Africa on a mission trip, so this story caught my eye.
Tonight on PBS (and I NEVER watch PBS) but I watched a very touching documentary. It's called a Walk to Beautiful. Watch it if you have a chance. I cried for these woman, mostly very young girls.
The woman of Ethiopia are strikingly beautiful and it crushes my heart to see how they must live. These woman are so appreciative and thankful for what little they get. It makes me feel so guilty for the life I lead, which I consider ordinary, not rich or poor, we struggle at times to pay the bills but to these woman my life would be considered extreme wealth.
I pray the work that is going on there to help these woman continues and continues to grow. I will be researching more on this issue and do anything I can to try and help and bring awareness to the situation. Please go to the website and see for yourself.

Cruise Pictures

Here are some pictures from our cruise, some are blurry as apparently I don't know how to use my camera correctly....We went to Key West, Grand Cayman & Jamaica.

The worst part about cruising is doing the Muster Station Drill....LOL

Sunrise in Key West
Key West Sunrise
Amy, Me & Aunt Ginger in Key West by the sponge monster
This Chad coming down the slide
This Rob coming down
Rob - before the tan...LOL

My beautiful Cousin Amy and Beautiful Aunt Ginger

Playing Bingo - Aunt Ginger won $125!!!
Rob meeting Guy Harvey in Grand Cayman
Rob getting Guy Harvey's autograph
Rob was already wearing a Guy Harvey Shirt, so he autographed the sleeve for him...awesome!!
The port in Grand Cayman
Our Ship in Grand Cayman
Snorkeling in Grand Cayman
That's Rob & Chad in the water
Here comes our towel animals we found in our stateroom
we think this was a seal? Or some part of the female anatomy?
Another dog?

Welcome to Jamaica Mon
The Port in Jamaica
Rob haning with a local in Jamaica
More Jamaica
Rob on the top deck
Playing Putt Putt on the ship
Aunt Ginger enjoying a little treat!!!
Our food from Rob's Birthday dinner in the Supper Club
It was YUMMY!! This was a Crab Cake
This was compliments of the Chef....have no idea what it was
another compliment from the chef....
Robs Birthday Cake

My Dinner - The Surf-N-Turf with some other funky stuff...LOL
Rob's 12oz Lobster Tail
The Girls
Ginad & Chad
The Millers
The Big Screen on the Top Deck of the Ship
They were showing a James Brown Concert
Our Group
Aunt Ginger and the Boys....They Love Aunt Ginger