Thursday, June 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Megan!

Our Megan Turns 12 Years Old Today!!
Happy Birthday Megan!!

We Had Megan's Party last Saturday...
It Was Bieber Fever at our House!!

 The Cake was Purple but it looks Black...
 Megan being Embarrassed

Time for presents...
 We Let Nate turn our Room into a Disco
Covered our white furniture with Black table Clothes
 DJ Nate was Rocking The House!!!
Miss Attitude!!!

 Nate showing his Dad how to DJ...

Then Today on Megan's Actual Birthday
We went out to Dinner to Smokey Bones
 This after reading Nathan's Birthday Card!

Megan's Brothers gave her a beautiful Dolphin Charm
 She was loving her new Nike's!!!
 Look at those Boats.....little Girl has some BIG Feet
She's already wearing a Women's Size 7!!
 Yummy Birthday Dessert!!!
We All Helped her finish it!!
 Nate was sporting is DJ Hat at the Restaurant
Such A Handsome Devil!!
We Had a Fun Night!!
Happy Birthday Megan!!

Happy Birthday Amy

Today is my Beautiful Cousin Amy's Birthday!!
Happy Birthday Amy!!!
We Hope All Your Birthday Wishes Come True!!

Amy & Her Beautiful Mama (My Aunt Gingerbread)
Happy Birthday Amy
We Miss You!! We Love You!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Tracy!!

Today is my Handsome Cousin Tracy's Birthday!!!
Happy Birthday Tracy!!!
We Sure Wish We Could Celebrate with You!!!

Tracy with is Beautiful Family
May All Your Birthday Wishes Come True!!
We Miss You!! We Love You!!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Praying for my Nephew

Please keep my Nephew Beau in your Prayers. He tragically lost his Father (Mike Boynton) this weekend. My Heart is Breaking for him, And I Pray he finds peace in the storm that's ahead of him.

Mike raised Beau as a single Father doing the Best that he could and he did it Right because Beau is such a good boy and now a good Man.

The last time I saw Mike was just over a year ago at Beau's Army Graduation and I could tell how Proud Mike was of his Son. Mike didn't always have the words to tell Beau, but we all knew that Mike was so proud of Beau his whole life and then for joining the Army and trying to start his life...

R.I.P Mike - You Will Be Missed
And Forever in our Hearts.....
Please Watch Over Our Boy!!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Father's Day to all the Amazing Dad's out there
 and I think all of them our in our families!!!
Happy Father's Day to My Awesome Dad!! "The Buck"
Happy Father's Day to My Super Sweet Father-In-Law - Big Daddy Ross!!!
Happy Fathers Day to My Amazing Husband who's One of the Best Dad's I Know!!!
Happy Father's Day to My Super Cool Uncle Lenny!!!
Happy Father's Day to My Super Sweet Uncle Vernon!!
Happy  Father's Day to My Awesome Brother-In-Law - Chad!!!
Happy Father's Day's to My Awesome Cousin's who are GREAT Dads!!
Len, Scott, Tracy, Lenny, Frank, Randy and Steveo!!!
And to All our Amazing Friends who are Dads, You Know Who You Are!!


Friday, June 17, 2011

Summer Fun 2011

Our Fun Night at the Pool

DJ Nate in the House!!

 Nate showing Megan how to scratch!!
 Megan & Daddy
 Water gun fights
 Dancing by the pool....
To the left, to the Right...take it back....
 Nate can Shake it!! Go Nate

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dana's Baby Shower

My friend Dana whom I've worked with for the last 10 years is having her first baby, a Girl, named Francesca Rose, and we (Me, Kelly & Sonia) gave her a work shower. It was lots of fun and I made my first Diaper Cake!!!
Here are a few pictures from the shower...(click on photos to make larger)

This is the Dessert table!!!
Yummy Cupcakes and lots of Cannoli and Italian Pastries

Here is the Diaper Cake I made...
I had so much fun making it!! 
 I had so many diapers, I was able to make a smaller diaper cake too!!

 The Yummy Cupcakes that Kelly brought
 Lots of Cannoli
 Assorted Italian Pastries...yum

The Gift Table...She got lots of Great Gifts!!
 Dana's seat

 This was the table for The Price is Right Game we played!!

 Lots of Decorations, courtesy of SONIA!! She's the decorating queen!!
 A Piggy Bank for Francesca, (that Sonia made) everyone brought their loose change for her bank
 Some of the girls getting their lunch
Hot Lunch Was Served....
The Menu:
Chicken Parmesan
Beef Burgundy Tips with Egg Noodles
Salad, Rolls & Mixed Veggies
 Dana with her Sister Linda
So Cute!!!

Some of the Girls playing The Price is Right Game

 Annette was the game winner!!
Sonia made some gorgeous bracelets for the prizes
 It's time for presents!!!

 Dana got lots of cute stuff and this is a handmade Pillow

 Look How Cute Dana Looks in her Shower Hat that Charlene made for her!!

 Here is the whole group that helped with the Shower!!!
Charlene, Sonia, Kara, Me & Kelly

 Me, Dana & Kelly
We've been through, Weddings, Engagements, Adoptions and
now it's OUR first Birth and we can hardly wait to meet
Miss Francesca Rose!!
Congratulations Dana!!!
We Love Ya Girl!!!!