Thursday, June 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Megan!

Our Megan Turns 12 Years Old Today!!
Happy Birthday Megan!!

We Had Megan's Party last Saturday...
It Was Bieber Fever at our House!!

 The Cake was Purple but it looks Black...
 Megan being Embarrassed

Time for presents...
 We Let Nate turn our Room into a Disco
Covered our white furniture with Black table Clothes
 DJ Nate was Rocking The House!!!
Miss Attitude!!!

 Nate showing his Dad how to DJ...

Then Today on Megan's Actual Birthday
We went out to Dinner to Smokey Bones
 This after reading Nathan's Birthday Card!

Megan's Brothers gave her a beautiful Dolphin Charm
 She was loving her new Nike's!!!
 Look at those Boats.....little Girl has some BIG Feet
She's already wearing a Women's Size 7!!
 Yummy Birthday Dessert!!!
We All Helped her finish it!!
 Nate was sporting is DJ Hat at the Restaurant
Such A Handsome Devil!!
We Had a Fun Night!!
Happy Birthday Megan!!

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