Sunday, February 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Carlee Rae!!

Today is my Cutie Pie Cousin Carlee's 9th Birthday!!
Happy Birthday Beautiful Carlee!!

Miss Carlee LOVES all the American Girl Dolls!!
I think she has all of them if not, most of them!!!

Here's an American Girl Doll Cake for you Carlee
Hope you Like It!!
Happy Birthday Carlee!!!
May All Your Birthday Wishes Come True!!
We Love You!!!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Hanging at the Liquor Store

I am a big Fan of all the House Wives Reality's my Guilty Pleasure!! My Favorite House Wife has always been Bethenny Frankel from the House Wives of NYC. She went on to get her our Show, Bethenny Getting Married and now Bethenny Ever After, plus she has several books on eating healthy and has her own Cocktail Called the Skinny Girl Margarita!! Only 100 Calories per drink!!

Tonight she was in Ft. Lauderdale doing a Bottle Signing at a Liquor Store and just for FUN we went to check it out...My Husband of course was not so hip to the idea but he did blow off fishing so he could go with me (best husband ever)!! We only had to wait about 45 minutes in line, not so bad and the line was inside the store, this was the largest liquor store I have ever seen!!!
I took a few pictures while we were waiting in line while Rob carried our two bottles of Skinny Girl Margarita for us!!

Check out the pictures.......

This is Bethenny arriving at the Store

 Giant Store....

Looking back at the line...this was about
after we'd been in line for about 40 minutes

 Rob getting excited....
I think it was because we were getting close to
the BEER Section...

We're Next!!

Here we are with Betthany....She was TINY
if she weighs 90lbs I'd be surprised!!

It was pretty cool to meet her..they shuffle you by pretty quick
but it was still pretty cool. People were bringing her gifts mostly for her baby.
If you ever watch her show, you know she has an assist and she was with her.
Fun way to end a busy week!!
Cheers - Gotta Go Get My Drink On!!!

Guess who I'm going to see tonight....

Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Frankie!

Today is our Cousin Frankie's 13th Birthday!!!
He's Officially a Teenager!!!
Seem's like just yesterday he was a Tiny Baby Boy!!
He was the CUTEST Baby!!!
Now Look at him...He's a Handsome Young Man
Frankie with is Mommy (Jennifer)
We Hope You have the BEST Birthday Ever!!

Happy Birthday Frankie Boy!!
We Love You!!

Happy Birthday Jennifer

Today is My Beautiful Sister-In-Law's Birthday!!!
Happy Birthday Jennifer!!
We Miss You!! We Love You!!

Rob & Jen
Happy Birthday!!
We Hope All Your Birthday Wishes Come True!!!
We Love You!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Kylie Joy!!

Today is our Niece Kylie's 9th Birthday!!!!
Happy Birthday Sweet Girl
We Miss You & We Love You!!

This Kylie in her Hockey Gear!!
Happy Birthday!!
Happy Brithday Kylie!!
We Hope you have the BEST Birthday Ever!!!
We Love You!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentines Dinner.....

I'm exhausted....
Dinner came out GREAT....
I never made it to the Apple Dump Cake or the Chocolate Bundt
Cake..I had high hopes but just ran out of  steam

Table scape

 Stemware....from our Wedding Shower
White Plates from home party years ago
Heart plates from Target 
 Flatware another cheap find at TARGET
Napkins from Michael's
 Centerpiece from Michael's
1/2 off pays to wait until the last minute 

 from Michael's and candy from $1 Store
 Candles recycled from Xmas

 Rice Krispie Treats...

 left over scraps from Rice Krispie Treats
 Brownies for Work on Monday...
Dinner is cooking... 
 Shrimp Cocktail appetizer..
 Caesar Salad

Dad & Rob....getting ready to chow down

Goodies from my Valentine!!
I'm So Spoiled!!
Thank You My Sweetie!!!
I Love You!!

Valentines Day Eve....

Well it's Valentine's Day Eve
and we've been a bit under the weather
at the Miller Casa but the show must go on.
Today's agenda...suck it up and get to work.
Make Goodies to take to work tomorrow
(Chocolate Bundt Cake and Best Brownies Ever)
Set the Table for Valentines Dinner I am cooking tonight
since Valentines Day is on Monday and
who feels like cooking on a Monday night..NOT me!!

Dinner Menu
Shrimp Cocktail appetizer
Rib Eye Steaks (Pioneer Woman Style)
Double Stuffed Potatoes (My  own style)
Sauteed Mushrooms with shallots & Garlic
Roasted Asparagus
Apple Dump Cake for Dessert

Secret Dessert for my Valentine
to take to work tomorrow ....shh dont' tell
Heart Shaped Rice Krispie Treats - Dipped in Candy Coating!!
Hope  I can keep them hidden until tomorrow...

Here's a Sneak Peak at my Table Scape...
Pulled together at the last minute on a shoe string budget...
Check back later for dinner pictures!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Jennifer!!

Today is my Cousin Jennifer's Birthday!!
Happy  Birthday Jen!!
We Hope All Your Birthday Wishes Come True!!
This is Jen with her Beautiful Family!!
The Moschette 6 Pack!!

Happy Birthday Jennifer!!
We Love You!!