Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween Everyone!!!
Halloween is always pretty quite for us these days
We don't get any trick-or-treaters...that's okay.
I made this Chocolate Pumpkin Bundt Cake to take to work....

This is two bundt cakes, one on top of the other..
It looks nothing like the picture I saw...LOL
What do you think??
I've never used the Glaze frosting before...
I don't care for it all drips off the cake.
And it's very sweet!!
Happy Halloween Everyone!!!

Friday, October 28, 2011

National Public Lands Day - Deerfield

On October 15 - In Honor of National Public Lands Day
We (my friends and co-workers) gather to clean up our Beach!!
Deerfield Beach is the Beach I grew up on and was Married at
and I was happy to help keep it beautiful

Friday, October 21, 2011

Halloween Work Part at "V" in Boca Raton

 Here's our Sonia aka BAT GIRL!!

This Creepy Clown was waiting for us as we walked in....creepy

I was the Iron Chef...carried an Iron with me....LOL

Getting ready with Bat Girl in the Ladies Room

Kara and Dana....BFFs
Our  VP getting his groove on

Velma (Annette) from Scooby Doo
She even has Scooby Snacks
Joe Dirt (Seth), Velma (Annette) Hockey Player (Maria)

Maria P. aka Vinny (from Jersey Shore) Mother - Danielle

Event Planner - Lisa (pregnant Nun with teeth issues) LOL

Pirate Wench (Diane)
Showing off her tattoo (they were giving tattoo's to
whomever wanted them
Scare Crow (Heidi)

Pirate Girl (Brenda) Bat Girl (Sonia)
Dennis showing off her new bathing suit!!! LOL

Costume Contest

A Couple of Snookies and J Wow's and a Spelling Bee
Jennifer, Tracey, Julie & Karen
Our AVP and EVP were Mr & Mrs Potato Head

Velma (Annette) was the Winner

Mike or VP Shaking his Groove Thing
wait to the end..I think he's breaking out the Robbot
It was a Fun Night!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Marissa's Wedding Shower

My Cousin Lenny is getting married on 11/11/11 and this past weekend was the Wedding Shower for his Beautiful Bride To Be, Marissa.. It was a great shower, with lots of good food and fun!!

Marissa & Lenny
Aren't they just the Cutest Couple!!!

Here are a few pictures from the Shower
Look at all the Gifts Marissa Got...
 These two cutie pies are my cousins Jessica & Carlee
Carlee won the Clothes Pin game!!

 Marissa got a ton of great gifts!!
 Check out this cool wine it!!

 Starfish Chip-n-Dip!!
 Lenny's Grandma (My Aunt Dot) decorated her gift with sweet pictures
of Marissa & Lenny
 A Crock Pot!!!
 No Shower is Complete without some Victoria Secret!!!
 Marissa was getting cute!!
 more lingerie
 Beautiful Candle Holders

 And More Lingerie
 Oh no, what could it be?

 and More Lingerie
 and one more...
 Deep Fryer!!
And one more piece of lingerie....
Lots of Romantic Honeymoon Nights ahead in Costa Rica!! 

Look at the beautiful Shower Hat
Marissa's Mom Made...adorable!!

 The Beautiful Bride-to-Be with her Beautiful Mom!!
It was a GREAT Shower!!
Congratulations Marissa and We Can't Wait
for You to be part of our Family!!!