Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Gina!!!

Today is my Sister Gina's Birthday!!!
Happy Birthday Gina!!
I Hope All You Birthday Wishes Come True!!
So Glad I was able to Spend Your Birthday with You!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dolphin - Bears Game

Here are a few pictures from the Miami Dolphin game we went to last Thursday Night!!
Dolphins lost but that's okay because Rob is a Bears Fan!!
We were lucky enough to have Suite Tickets (the only way I want to go to a game) Thanks to my generous employers!! I am so lucky to be able to work for such an awesome company!!!

Our View from the Suite - before the game
 Introducing the Team

 Devoted Fan...

Me & Rob

Dave & Dana

The Bears Win!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Sunday Fun Day!!

On Sunday I was lucky enough to spend the day with my Beautiful
Cutie Pie friend Caylie!!
We had such a Fun Day!!
First we went to Build-A-Bear,
then we came home and played and cooked Lasagna and decorated cake!!
Here's a few pictures of Miss Caylie!!

On our way to Build-A-Bear
 She picked out a Hello Kitty!!
It's time to stuff her Bear (Hello Kitty)
 You can't see it but she has her foot on the peddle
which puts the stuffing in the bear....
 Hello Kitty is all stuffed now and gets a Kiss from Caylie
 Now it's time to put the heart inside Hello Kitty
 First she rubs it on her cheeks to give it beauty
 Then rubs it on her heart to give it Love
 then she rubs the heart on her Funny Bone to give
the bear a good sense of humor
 Rubs the tummy to give it....(I forget)
 The she rubs the heart on her hips to give it Style
 her forehead to make her bear Smart
 Then she kisses it
 and puts it inside the bear (Hello Kitty)
 Now it's time to Fluff the Bear
 She pushes a pedal and air come out onto the Bear
 Caylie picked out a Ballerina Outfit and some silky panties
 Dressing her Hello Kitty, first the panties
 She's all dressed now..
 Now it's time to register and print the Birth Certificate
Caylie named her Hello Kitty Bear...PRINCESS
Caylie with her Hello Kitty
Check out the Cool Box it comes in... 
 On the way home...Hello Kitty could not stay in the box!!
Caylie said she's Just Beautiful
 When we came home..Caylie helped me make Lasagna
check her out putting the sausage in the pan!!
She's the BEST Helper. She also told me she wants
to be a CHEF when she grows up. She asked me what
I wanted to be when I grew up...of course I had No idea.
I should have taken more pictures but we were just to busy having fun!!
Thanks for hanging with me Miss Caylie!!
Come back again Soon!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Are you ready for some Football

Today Sweetie spent the day at the Sun Life Stadium
hanging with our friends Kelly & Bob at the Miami Dolphin Game
and I stayed home to watch Miss Caylie!!
Rob's picture from their seats....pretty awesome

Thanks Kelly & Bob for inviting Rob to the game!!
Miss Caylie and I had the BEST time ever today!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

NIck's Birthday Party.........

Here are the pictures from our Fun Day
hanging with the family and friends to Celebrate Nick's Birthday!!

The Birthday Boy
He couldn't wait to open his presents...
He had lots of presents to open!!
Finally it's time to open..
Nick is a BIG sports nut who spends most of his
free time outside playing he got
lots of sporting presents..he loved this new Bat

and Football
and Baseball Glove
Time for Cake..
 A Football shaped Ice Cream Cake of course....
 Then it was time for a little Flag Football
for Nick and his BFF Mercer

 Nick's little Cousin Zach came to celebrate also..
 The girls had a great time with Baby Zach...
 Happy Birthday Nick!!
We Love You!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Nicholas!!

Our Cutie Pie - Handsome Cousin Nick is Turning 7 Today!!
Happy Birthday Nick!!
We Hope Your Birthday is the BEST Ever!!

Here's a few pictures of this Cutie Pie
 Just Chilling Out on the Boat
 Future All Star in the Making...just like his Big Brother
He just keeps getting Cuter Every Year!!
Happy Birthday Nicholas Miles