Sunday, February 12, 2012

Ian's First Job

Our Ian got his first Job and Today was his first day!!!
McDonalds will never be the same!!

Getting ready to go this morning
Bright & Early!!!
He had a GREAT first day!! He really liked it!!

Congratulations on the job Ian!!!
We Love You!!!

More Birthdays.....

My Cousin Jennifer turned the BIG 40 on Friday!!!
Happy Birthday Jennifer!!!

Her Girls Jessica and Carlee made her a Special Birthday Cake

Jen with her Beautiful Family
 Nick helped his Mom Open her presents...he's a good helper!!

Jen got lots of good presents!!

Happy Birthday My Special Cousin Jennifer!!!
We Hope All Your Birthday Wishes Come True!!

Birthday Catch ups....

My Special Aunt Dot had a Birthday on Tuesday!!!
Jennifer cooked her a special Dinner..yummy pulled pork
and I made her a Lemon Cake

Happy 71st Birthday Aunt Dot!!!

Heart Shaped Lemon Cake I made
Jen wrote Happy Birthday...that's why it looks so good!!!

 Two Cakes...this one was a Chocolate Ice Cream Cake
Check out the cute cup cake candles!!
 Blowing out the candles...

 Then Carlee Played Happy Birthday on her Keyboard
She's really good!!!
 Time for Presents!!

 She got a pretty funny card from her Brother...My Dad "The Buck"
Happy Birthday Aunt Dot!!!
We Hope All Your Birthday Wishes Come True!!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Celebrating with my Cousin Jen & Co her upcoming BIG 40!!!!

We had so much fun Saturday with my Cousin Jen and her friends celebrating her upcoming Big 40!! Her birthday is on the 10th which we'll be celebrating again with our families but this was a night of cutting lose and getting crazy.

We started off at Jen & Franks house were everyone brought a little something for dinner, then it was off to Packy's  a local pub that happens to have Jen's favorite band performing!! The Band was awesome (Bounce).

We danced all night and I ran into a few old friends from High School, a very nice surprise. Rob & I hung in there and stayed all night, we haven't closed a bar since (well never together) but it sure brought back some memories of fun times back in the day!! Today I was tired and sore but it was so worth it!!

Here are a few pics from our Super Fun Night....

Rob & I with Frank & Jen...Love Them!!!

Their good friend Katie made these cupcakes!!
So Cute!

 Frank & Jen - Check out Jen's Slamming Party Hat!!
 Jen with some of her BFF's
Nicole, Jen, Leslie, Mel & Lisa

 Bounce was the Band playing....they were awesome
Jen's favorite
 Jen and her neighbor
Everyone was dancing their asses off
 Rob, Lisa, Frank, Me, Joe on the dance floor
 Jen and Dina on the Stage shaking it up!!!

 Lisa was bringing back the Krimp!! It looked awesome!!
 Ut Oh Frank's wearing Jen's Party Hat

 Colleen shaking it up...see Frank & Jen hugging....awe!!!
 Even Joe was shaking on the dance floor

Click on this Link to see a Video of the Bank

It Was A Super Fun Night!!!!
Welcome to the 40 Club Jen!!!