Monday, May 30, 2011

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ian's Graduation

Congratulations Ian!!
Our Ian Graduated High School
The Class of 2011
Headland High School
May 24, 2011

We are Very Proud of You Ian!!!
We Love You!!!

 Ian with his Mom & Dad
 Ian with his Proud Dad
 Ian with his Proud Mom

Ian & Brittney  
 Rob & I with Ian

 Graduation Dinner!!!
Congratulations Ian  - We are all Very Proud of You

Extreme Couponing!!!

I scored some good deals today using coupons and customer care bucks from Walgreen's and CVS!!
Check it out....I got all of this for $2.16!!   

That's 4 -12pks of Soda
2 Right Guard Shower Gels
2 Right Guard Deodorants
2 mini showers gels (free with deodorant)
1 Soleil Razor kit
1 pair of ear buds (free with razor)

Full Price would have been $42.41
I Saved....$40.25

The Soda at CVS cost me $.60

The Shower Gel & Deodorant cost .57 at Walgreen's 

 This Razor & free ear buds Cost .99 at CVS
I wish I could this good at the Grocery Store
but so far I'm only kicking but at the Drug Stores...
I will keep trying to do better at the Grocery Store...stay tuned

Friday, May 27, 2011

Memorial Day Feast at Work Today

In honor of Memorial Day - We had a BBQ Lunch ....with all the fixings...It was yummy.
That's my Bundt Cake (that Rob helped me make) on the end!!
Have A Great Holiday Weekend Everyone!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Our beautiful cousin Jessica starred in a Performance of AFTER HOURS, her first School Play and she did an amazing job!!

The play was about a clothing store that has mannequins that come to life after the store closes and then the store gets broken into and Jessica is one of the burgles. It was a comedy and it was great! The pictures are little blurry because I has to zoom and my hands are shaky!!

This is the opening scene

The girl in the White is Heather,
She is the daughter of Jessica's parents BFF's
and Jessica & Heather have been friends since birth.
She was mannequin
she did a great job too!!! 
 Here comes Jessica

 Jessica in action!

 That's Jessica on the floor - she pretended to pass out

Great Job Jessica!! We are So Proud of You!!
We Love You!!

Summer is one the Way

We are getting ready for the Summer!!!

Last week we had a visit from Rob's Parents (Ross & Marcia) and we had the Best time!! They hung out by the pool, the boys went golfing, Rob took them to the Inlet to snorkel and swim, we took them on the Jungle Queen on Mother's Day, we went out to dinner and we had a nice cook out by the pool!!! It was a fun week, we had so much fun with them and we can't wait to see them again!!!

Getting on the Jungle Queen

This Week was our sweetie pie cousin Jessica's Acting debut!! She is in the drama club at school and this was her first play. She was a true natural, just an amazing performance. I will post pictures from the play next.

Today we are getting ready to head to Alabama for Ian's Graduation, which is on Tuesday!!

Then hopefully soon we'll be picking up the kids to keep them for the summer!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Our 4th Wedding Anniversary

Wednesday the 11th was our 4th Wedding Anniversary
 I can't believe it's been 4 years!!
And Each Year Keeps Getting Better & Better
I am so Blessed to be married to my Soul Mate!!
We had a very nice Dinner and will celebrate later in the year
 when we go on a Cruise in September.

Here are our Anniversary Drinks!!
Captain Morgan Mai Tai & Beer
Cheers to Us!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Rob

We've had a busy week and I missed posting some important events this past week!!!
Rob's Birthday was last Monday and his parents were here to celebrate with us, it was a great day!!

Happy Birthday Rob!!!
Rob's Birthday Cheesecake....his favorite!!
Blowing out the candles....

 Time for presents!!

Happy Birthday My Love!!! I Love You!!!
I Hope All Your Birthday Wishes Come True!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to All the Amazing Mom's in Our Families!!!
and Happy Mother's Day to all My Amazing Girl Friends!!
I Love You Guys!!

I Love You Mom & I Miss You More and More Everyday!!

Spring Break 2011 Picture Catch Up Post #2

Spring Break 2011 - Our Trip to St. Augustine.......We Loved it!! Learn a lot about the History of the Oldest City and went on a Ghost Tour!!!

We Loved the Train Ride..we spend 3 days on this tour

Outside Ripley's Museum was a giant statue of
Michael Angelo...this is the reaction when they saw
that he was naked....LOL!!

Megan pointed out he needed a Pedicure!!!

Inside the Ripley's museum

This is were Megan spent most of her time!!! 
Thought these were funny inside the bathrooms at Riley's
Megan checking to see if she has the Miller Love Spell like the boys do....LOL

Giant Erector Set inside Museum

The boys in the Torture Device!!

This is hard to see in the picture but it was black with flashing lights all different colors and you couldn't walk through it without falling even though the floor was not moving just the was cool.

Outside of Ripley's, apparently it's an old Home and then Hotel that is very haunted, which we found out later on the Ghost Tour!!
This is a house made out of a giant log....
inside the log house....

cobblestone streets in St. Augustine were very cool

Checking out the was pretty cool, we spent two days at the Fort.

Lot's of Horse and Carriages around the City, this one was dressed up for St. Patricks. Day.

On the Train, getting our Tour On!!
There are tons of beautiful Old buildins there....

This is the oldest house....not a good picture...sorry
The oldest tree apparently....LOL
The street on the way to the Fountain of Youth!!
The Oldest Drug Store....

Back to the Fort

My favorite place in St. Augustine. It was so peaceful here. It's the site of the first Catholic Church. The Cross was Giant, it was very beautiful..

Can you see the reflection of the cross in the water....

Lunch at a Haunted Restaurant, it was tasty!!
Billy Boy
Ian & Billy
Chad & Nathan
Dad & Gina
Megan & Rob
Me & Ian...

Our Ghost Tour Guide....

Billy getting creeped out on the Ghost Tour
The Creepy Cemetery  on the Ghost Tour
Do you see those white circles? Apparently those are
Orbes...from you believe?

Megan being part of the ghost tour!!
Megan being TERRIFIED inside the Ripleys Muesum at night...she was so scared she could not get to sleep that night, No more ghost tours for her!!
These pictures are from outside the Muesum, look at all the Orbs!!

The Husted's & Beau at the end of the Tour
Check out the Orb to the left of Chad....
I don't know if I believe but I can explain all those strange circles in the pictures either. What do you think? Boo!!