Saturday, May 21, 2011


Our beautiful cousin Jessica starred in a Performance of AFTER HOURS, her first School Play and she did an amazing job!!

The play was about a clothing store that has mannequins that come to life after the store closes and then the store gets broken into and Jessica is one of the burgles. It was a comedy and it was great! The pictures are little blurry because I has to zoom and my hands are shaky!!

This is the opening scene

The girl in the White is Heather,
She is the daughter of Jessica's parents BFF's
and Jessica & Heather have been friends since birth.
She was mannequin
she did a great job too!!! 
 Here comes Jessica

 Jessica in action!

 That's Jessica on the floor - she pretended to pass out

Great Job Jessica!! We are So Proud of You!!
We Love You!!

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