Sunday, October 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Suzie

My BFF Suzie had a birthday on the 6th and we celebrated last night with a Birthday Dinner at Seasons 52 in Boca Raton. Everything on the menu is 475 calories or less!!! You would never have known.

We had a lot of fun, it was our first time at Season's 52 and it will not be our last, we really enjoyed it and we had a Blast with Suzie, Jon, Robin, John and Laura!! Suzie's Brother-In-Law is real hoot and had us all cracking up!!

 We Started off with the delicious Flat Bread
 Suzie & I both have the Swordfish...
it was the BEST Swordfish I've had
 Jon (Suzie's husband) had the Filet Mignon
 Rob had the Lamb Chops
 Robin & Laura had the Trout
 John (Robins Husband) had the Scallops
 This was our dessert....the BEST part
 Shot Glasses full of Heaven!!

We also enjoyed some yummy Martini's & Mojito's

Here we are!!!
From Left to Right
Jon, Suzie, Robin, John, Laura,Me &Rob
You see those two people the back
We have no idea who they are!!
John made them get in the picture with us!!
It was so funny, you had to be there!!

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