Friday, January 9, 2009

New Fishing Pole for Dad

My Dad "The Buck" as we lovely call lots of Bass Pro gift cards for Christmas. (We love us some Bass Pro in our family!!)
Anyway Rob is a huge Bass fisherman and swears by the Bait Caster type of reel to fish with, and My Dad, like myself have been fishing forever (of course Dad way longer than me) and we never used or needed the likes of a Bait Caster!!! We grew up in South Florida, hello, Loxahattchee was our weekend hangout, we caught plenty of fish on good old Cane Poles and spinning reels.
Well my Dad has finally given in (I'm in shock & I still refuse) and he now has a bait caster. Here's a few pictures of Dad & Rob & their poles.....

Here's the started out all fine and dandy....waiting for the big fish and BTW do you see that thing on Dad's chin? What the heck?
I think he's trying to look like Rob with that chin action.

Then the trouble w/the Bait Caster reel starts and it never ends I tell you. You see with this type of reel you have to apply a certain amount of pressure to some release button and make sure your release at just the right time and if you don't you get back lash (which basically means your line is now a tangled mess inside your reel) and takes you 10 minutes to fix!!
Okay who wants to deal with all that, fishing is fun and Zen like, If I wanted to worry about all that other stuff when I'm fishing, thumb pressure, release time, etc. I'd rather go shopping!! So below is Dad trying to untangle his line......if you know him, you can already hear what's he's saying!!!

They are back at it.......but wait is Rob having a problem now......hmmm

Will you look at the size of Rob's bait!!! What is he trying to catch a Monster Bass??? Keep Dreaming Babe

So I am patiently waiting w/my camera for them to reel in a lunker....waiting & waiting, so I snap a few pictures of my's the little pond.
Still here's the lovely tree I'm sitting in front of. We used to have tons of these gorgeous trees but after hurricane most of them are gone...This one was lucky.

Still waiting......getting bored as I don't have my fishing pole, Rob never brings my pole!!!
What to do.......look down and snap a picture of my feet...
Well I didn't stick around much longer.....and they didn't come home with any fish, maybe next time they'll use the NORMAL poles.....yeah right.

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