Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!!

We hope everyone has a Very Happy Valentines Day!!! So far mine started out GREAT, see the gorgeous Flowers I got and candy too!! I'm a lucky girl to have such a SWEET HEART for a husband!!!

For Christmas I gave Rob tickets (from the kids) to go see a concert on Valentines Day Night, and I am not going because it's not my kind of music by any stretch of the imagination. I sat through a Slipknot concert with him once, and that about covers me for life!!! He still owes me for that one. I think I'll have to drag him to a Taylor Swift Concert for payback.....hee hee
But I know he loves it, so I am excited for him to go, I just hope he can get one of his Rocker friends to go with him on Valentines Day Night, but I think he has it covered, as he has some single guys that have nothing to do tonight, so he'll have a plus one for the concert..LOL and I'll be going to see a Chick Flick with my cousin Tiffany and my Aunt Dot!! The concert he's going to is Disturbed, for all you rockers out there.
However you spend your Valentines Day, I hope you do something you love!!!

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