Friday, June 26, 2009

Boat Restoration

Rob has been restoring an old 1961 Boston Whaler. The Boat belongs to our Cousins Jen & Frank, who got the boat handed down from our Uncle's a family boat. Frank told Rob to take the boat and keep in his warehouse to play around with and use it if he wants....WELL you know Rob and boats, he not only played around with the boat but he gave it a complete makeover. He has had a great time bringing this old boat back to life....Check it out

Before Pictures

The entire bottom had to be re-done - This is the AFTER of the bottom

The Trailer also got a face lift
Getting there
All pieces drying after the being painted
Putting it back together
The new Steerring console

New Seats
Almost Done
The Finished boat in action.....
The kids will be seeing a lot of this boat this summer......
Not sure if Jen & Frank will ever be able to get their boat back....LOL

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