Tuesday, December 1, 2009

OMG - Sugar Free Oreo's

Do you know that Oreo's come in a Sugar Free version?? And they taste GREAT!! And they have No Cholestral and No Trans Fat....what more could a girl ask for??? Ummm maybe a bigger box!!

They only come in a 6.75oz box, much smaller than the Regular cookies. Which is probably a good thing because I could eat the entire box in one sitting but I do manage to stretch them out. Actually they've been out for awhile I just totally forgot about them, but I found them again...YEAH.
I am trying to get off the sugar again!!! These are a great way to satisfy your sugar craving and they are yummy, especially if you dunk them in milk (Skim of course). Or if you are diabetic these are perfect for you!!! Give them a try. Geez, it sounds like I work for Nabisco!!!

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