Monday, May 24, 2010

JM Family Anniversary Weekend

This past weekend Rob &I attended the Anniversary Celebration Weekend for my 10 years at JM Family/Southeast Toyota.
We had the BEST Time. We were treated like royalty and everything was paid for even the tipping and valet, we really had no reason to pay for anything, it was amazing. At the celebration were associates celebrating their 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 & 40 years with the company!!!
The weekend started on Friday, we checked into the Resort, received our registration packets, that included our itinerary, room keys, breakfast coupons to use throughout the resort even for room service and free drink tickets (very important). We also received a JM Family beach tote bag with two giant beach towels, two water bottles and a zip pouch with everything you'll need, sunscreen, aspirin, after sun lotion, handy wipes, etc. And we also received $75 cash to use for Lunch on Saturday or for whatever we choose. And we received a special gift from Colin, our CEO, which was a gold pin. I had already received my beautiful strand of pearls and matching earrings. We had our choice of pearls, or two diamond ring options. I chose the pearls because I've always worn fake pearls and was excited to be able to have a real set of my own.

Depending on what year you were celebrating, your room type would change. It seemed the 10 year associates received the standard rooms (which were very nice) all the rooms at this resort are very nice. We however, were upgraded thanks to my good friend who works at the resort!! Thanks So Much Kelly!!! Our room was awesome. We were on the 21st floor of the Tower, great views. (Pays to know the right people).
I believe there about 400 assoicates celebrating this year, plus their spouses were invited, so you can imgaine how large of a group we had.

Friday was a welcome celebration that included a cocktail hour and Reception Dinner with all you can eat lobster!! Yes, I said Lobster!! It was unbelievable and delicious!! I only made one trip but Rob did manage to make a second trip for a second helping of Lobster. Some guys made many more trips. All the food was so good!! It was a nice casual night with good friends.
Saturday you could do a few local activities that were offered, like take an air boat ride or go to the Town Center Mall or take a tour of the Deerfield offices and Jim Moran Foundation. Since we live here...been there done that. We chose to hang at the resort. We started off the morning eating a delicious breakfast buffet which if we had to pay would have cost us $70 (but it was free for us). We went and checked out the Beach Club part of the resort, it's gorgeous. We then spent a few hours by the pool with our friends. It was a nice day!! We had lunch at Serendipity's (the famous Serendipity's that's in NYC).  We had burgers that were very yummy. And we used the $75 fun money to pay for lunch. Two burgers, with 1 drink, 1 water and 1 Onion Ring came to $55 w/tip!! How many happy meals is that????
Saturday night was our big dress up night. Neither of us knew how to tie a tie, so Rob went out in the hall to find someone to help him. He comes back, all tied up and says, a guy that works for SET helped me. It was Eddie Webb, one of the 35 year associates from Jacksonville!!! Thanks Eddie!!
Saturday night we took formal photos and then had a sit down dinner that was delicious. We watched a slideshow of the associates and saw video's of Mr. Moran and a special presentation for the 35 & 40 year assocaites. It was really nice. We also checked out the Party Room they had set up for us after the events, were done, it had pool tables, Wii Games, bars, a DJ and dance floor, it was very cool. But by the end of the night we were both tired and ready for some rest. Sunday we enjoyed a delicious room service breakfast and then enjoyed a cruise on the Gallant Lady. It was an Amazing weekend and we are so lucky to be able to work for such an amazing company that gives so much back to thier assocaites. What other company does this??? I am truly blessed and so fortunate. Thank You JM Family!!!
Okay, here comes all the pictures....I wish I had taken more.

The View from our Room on the 21st Floor

Chillaxing in the room....

Goofballs in the Elevator..going to dinner
I was to busy chowing on some Lobster to
take many pix Friday's part of the room

Our Breakfast.....
This was my yogurt parfait...yum
Rob's getting ready to dig in......
The Boca Beach Club
look at these cool lounge chairs they have....
fun stuff on the beach....

Wild Flowers growing on the beach
The Florida Sun is soooo hot it turned
the lifeguard into Bronze

One of the three pools at the Beach Club
Inside the Beach Club

Water Feature inside the Beach Club
I know this is a hotel...but I really need to live here!!
waiting for the trolly to take us back
look at my cute ankle bracelete!!

Hanging by the Pool
Me at the pool....
Time for lunch at Serendipty's

The burgers seem to be inside out....LOL

Rob all dressed up and ready to go...
On our way to dinner..

The Center Pieces on the tables were beautiful

The Dinner Menu:
Bundle of Baby Romaine
with Blistered Asparagus, Vintage Tomatoes,
Spiced Walnuts and Feta Cheese
Roasted Tomatoe Banyuls Vinaigrette

Butter Poached Lobster Ravioli "Gigantoni"
with Lobster Chive Essence

Charcoaled Petite Filet of Beef
with Carmalized Shallot, Thyme Fond,
Pinenut-Parsley Crusted Prawns

Whipped New Potatoes with Garlic
Criss Cross Beans
Softened Baby Spinach
Baby Carrots
Pan Roast Squash adn Pettite Mushrooms

A Key Lime "Tribute"
Graham Crusted Key Lime Tart
with Mascarpone
Key Lime Cheesecake and
Key Lime Lacquered Fruites

The After Hours Party Room

This was lit up on all the bars...very cool

Good Morning...
You gotta love Room Service!!!

Time to go we got the life!!
Everyone checking out the deck
Rob lounging on the back deck...

I would love to take a nap in there!!
This was one of 4 Staterooms, plus there is a Master

Yeah.....he's dreaming

Lighthouse Point Marina


Mr. Moran's House - were the boat is docked

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