Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Summer Catch Up - Orlando Weekend Post #2

Once we were able to pull ourselves away from the awesome resort we stayed at we checked out Downtown Disney!!!
First we had lunch at Fuddruckers!!
A Stop at the LEGO Store of course...always cool to see
The Giant Dragon made of Lego's
The Giant Balloon Ride - Rob wanted to go on but
no one would go with him...

Under the Evil Eye at the House of Blues
Our little boat ride back to the other side of down town Disney
To darn HOT to walk back!!!
The Giant Pineapple it's a restaurant
Riding in the Boat
A little visit to the Christmas Store

Slurpee's all around with Souvenir cups for the kids of course!!
We need refreshments after shopping. Megan got a few things at
the Little Miss Match store and Nate picked up a few things at
the Lefty Store!!!
This Giant Bird hung out by us at the pool
He was a cool bird

A little trip to the Outlet Mall and New School Shoes
VANS of course!!
Our Nice Dinner at the Resort!!!
 Me and My Megan!!!
 Megan and Nate being Silly
 more Silliness
 Night time by the pool before we had to go pack up!!
It was a Super Fun Weekend with our Cuties!!

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