Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year!!!

We hope the New Year finds all of our Family, Friends and fellow Bloggers Happy and Healthy and we hope all your dreams come true in 2008!!
2007 was a very busy year for us and loads of fun, when I reflect back on the year, the best part of the year had to be our Wedding, we think it was perfect and we had so much fun with our family and friends. Our Honeymoon was even better, cruising the Caribbean with my husband was the best time I ever had. We hope to cruise again in 2008. Another highlight for me was our family vacatoin to Lake Seminole with most of our family, it was so special.
The year did go by pretty fast even though at times I thought it would never end but here it is 2008 and we survived it.

Here’s a quick recap of our 2007:
- 3 Weddings (Me & Rob) (Rich & Rhonda) (Tiffany & Stevo)
- 1 Birth (Joey Roberts)
- 1 Adoption (Caylie Cox)
- 2 Cruises (Me & Rob) (The Kids and their Mom, Step-Dad & Granny)
- 1 Graduation (Matthew Boynton from High School)
- 1 New Dream Home (Sharon & Wayne)
- 1 Relocation (Matthew from Michigan to Florida)
- 1 Family Fun Vacation (Lake Seminole Georgia)

Those are the highlights with lots of fun stuff in between…

The few days after Christmas were pretty hectic with working and having to shuffle the kids around while we worked, but my cousin Jen said she’d take the kids while we worked because she’d be home with her 4 kids. I felt so bad waking Jen up every morning at 7:30 am to drop them, but it was a lot of fun for all the kids to get to hang out with each other. Thank so much JEN!!! You ROCK!!! And thanks for taking the kids to the Tree Farm!! They had a blast and so did we, once we finally got there, after crossing several dirt roads in the pitch dark and waiting for an Alligator to cross our path!! Wonder if its good luck when an alligator crosses your path???

We took the kids home on Sunday and we already miss them like crazy. We only had to drive to Gainesville this time, as Kristin drove down and met us. Thank you Kristin!!!!
We stopped at my Sister’s house in Edgewater (just South of Daytona) on the way back and spent the New Year with Gina, Chad, Beau, Billy and My Dad drove up and met us also, it was fun and relaxing, thanks for having us Gina & Chad.
We are now looking forward to some quite time for the next few weeks. This is always that time of year when the home life starts to settle down and things pick up at work, it’s a nice balance.

Today is a RECORD Cold day for us Floridian’s. It rarely get’s cold here in South Florida, today the high is 57 and the low is 38. I know all you people from the North are laughing but for us Floridians that’s cold, but it’ll be back up to the 80’s in a day or so, I’m sure.

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