Thursday, November 13, 2008

Birthday catch up!!

We had two birthdays so far this month in our family. First was (our cousin) Nick's on Nov. 8th. He turned 5!! And then on the 9th was (our cousin) Shalon's birthday, she's just a few years older than Nick...hee hee
So Happy Birthday Nick & Shalon!!! We hope your birthday was super special and you have the BEST year ahead.
Shalon lives all the way over in Arizona so we didn't get to spend any time with her but she was still in our thoughts and in our hearts.
Nick lives pretty close so we got to celebrate with him. Here are a few pictures from Nick's party.

Nick showing us his xray vision glasses
Nick getting a KISS from his girlfriend
showing off his new Spiderman shirt
New Movie
New Iron Man costume

Getting ready to blow out the candles with the help of his sisters & brother
M&M Birthday Cake!!!

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