Saturday, May 2, 2009

Jumping for Joy.........

I am so excited... I start working again on Monday......YEAH!!!

It has been 2 months since I was laid off and I am so grateful for the opportunity to go back to work and even better is I'm going back to the same company just in a different position. I loved my old job, and I enjoyed going to work everyday but now I have the opportunity to learn something new and still get to work with all my friends. I am excited about learning something new and looking forward to a normal schedule again.

The first couple of weeks being home were good, but then it was just depressing for me. I need structure in my day and believe it or not I need inter-action with other people. Which is surprising because I crave my solitude but when that's all you have it gets old pretty quick. Rob works six days a week, so I had a lot of alone time.

I did get some things cleaned out, not as much as I'd like to have done but more than I would have if I didn't have time off. I had some great lunches with all the girls and it was nice to walk in the mornings and enjoy the South Florida sunshine before it gets too hot. One good thing is I lost 12lbs staying home and I'm going to try and continue the good eating habits I've formed from staying home and I will continue to walk. Rob and I are going to try and walk in the mornings before work, let's see how that goes.......

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