Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Trip to Port St. Lucie

Over the weekend Rob & I went up to visit my Beautiful Cousin Tiffany & Her Husband Stevo.
We had a nice cookout with Stevo's family and watched video's of Tiffany & Stevo sky diving!!! It was so funny.
Rob could not wait to get up there and try out the new Pump Track Stevo built in his back yard. For those of us who never knew what a "pump track" is..well here's a few pictures.... I had no idea....Apparently there's not much peddling going on, just pumping...I know, you have to actually watch them ride to understand it...I guess. It was lots of fun and then Stevo took Rob riding on some mountain bike trails in the area and Rob had the best time!!!
While the boys were off playing Tiffany & I went out to a nice breakfast and then took a relaxing drive around the ocean until we both started feeling a little sick...and had to make a pit stop at the Magic Market, and then things just went down hill from there, we headed back to the house and both of us felt so sick we had to lay down (must have been the breakfast) but we were feeling better after a couple of hours rest...but it was still fun spending time with my Cousin Tiffany, Stevo and their soon to be....baby Scarmarto!!! Yahoo we can't wait.

Pump Track

Stevo's friend Greg
Greg & Rob

Of course Rob had to give his ideas for future track updates...

Thanks so much Tiffany & Stevo for inviting us. We had a great time hanging out with you and your family!!

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