Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New Doo

So I got my hair cut this week, it was so long and horrible I just needed a trim and a style, need to look a little more age appropriate in case I have some job interviews coming up....and let's hope I do!!!

Everyone on Facebook wanted me to post a photo, but I am NOT putting any recent photos of myself on Facebook, to many high school friends that haven't seen me since I was, ya know....young and skinny...LOL

But I'll put a picture on here to show my family and close you haven't seen me for a while, my hair was pretty long and my bangs, well they were none existent. I had a good 3 inches or more cut off.
I apologize for these pictures, as I took them myself and I had no makeup on and my eyes look like they are bugging out of my head...LOL


Kelly said...

Pattie - I love it! Looks healthy and thicker! I am proud of you!!

Geo's Mom said...

love it too! i think it looks great-so glad you got it cut off... Looks healthy and great!