Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Big Dreams

We went to Bass Pro Shop over the weekend, the boys (Rob & Dad) both had some gift cards they wanted to use. Rob had no problem spending his gift card on fishing stuff of course and a little something something for me (bracelete), Thanks Babe!!  Dad as usual could not find a thing to spend his gift cards on, man that is crazy, but I guess he already has so much stuff he just couldn't find a thing he needed. This is why it is sooo hard to buy gifts for him!! And like all trips to Bass Pro we have to go outside and look at all the boats, and of course we pretend to be interested in the boats like we could actually afford one!! Yeah thats a Big Dream, but its still fun.

Rob & Dad pretending they are in cruising in their Dream Boat
Don't turn around guys - there's a freeway behind you....LOL
It was a fun day!!

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