Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Jennifer - Updated

Today is my Beautiful Cousin Jen's birthday!!
Hapy Birthday Jennifer!!
I baked you this cake for your birthday...Hope you like it!!
Oh and I had a shirt made just for your birthday!!!
Okay so maybe I didn't bake you a cake or have a shirt made,
but I would if I could!!!

We Hope All Your Birthday Wishes Come True and this is your Best Year Yet!!
Happy Birthday!!
We Love You!!!!

Hours Later: Birthday Update:
Here are the pictures from Jen's Birthday Party
Jen's Real Cake...Chocolate Overload (made by Jen's friend Lisa W.)
and apparently Candle Overload too!! How old are you Jen????
 Oh yeah, much younger than me!!
Blowing out the candles...
Jen's can't tell but this is Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Ice Cream, Strawberries, Whip Crean and that's a Chocolate Covered Strawberry on Top!! Yum
The Gifts.....
One of Jen's Gorgeous Baby Girls... Jessica
Jen's other Gorgeous Baby Girl...Carlee
One of Jen's Gorgeous Baby Boys.....Nick enjoying the Strawberries
Jen showing us her magazine that says I still Love Jen (From Brad Pitt)
Happy Birthday Jennifer!!!
We Love You!!

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