Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer Update - Run-away Helicopter

So the kids have been here since Saturday, we've had lots of fun already if you don't count the little accident Megan had on Sunday.
Today Megan and I had a nice day shopping at the Mall, she found lots of things that we couldn't get but she is making a list for later..LOL She especially wanted to get a bear from build-a-bear but if you've ever been there you know it's not easy to leave that place for less than $50 and today we had to shop at the stores we could charge at, because we need to save our cash for food for these kiddies!!! We actually had some things to return so then I let Megan get some early birthday presents, she got some clothes; shorts, shirts, two bras, a hat, a pair of skinny jeans, she loves those skinny jeans and these things that go on her hands, sort of like gloves only no fingers in them, I told her she looked like early Madonna. We never made it to the party store to look for stuff for her birthday party but we can do that tomorrow.
Nate has been going to work with Rob and so far Nathan has made $26 in tips in two days!! That kid is to much.
They have been in the pool every night. Tonight when they went down to the pool, Nathan took his remote control helicopter with him that Rob got from someone at his warehouse, it didn't run but of course Nathan got it to work, he was testing it out in the house, its pretty big and loud and he couldn't wait to take it outside. So they are down at the pool, Megans in the pool and Nathan starts up the helicopter, and everyone at the pool is amazed and watching him because its a pretty cool looking helicopter and its big, it takes off and it gets higher and higher and it starts going and going across the lake until they can no longer see it. Rob thinks it went all the way out to Powerline Road....they are all in a panic, everyone is on the hunt for this helicopter, poor Nate is freaking out. He said the controls would not work to bring it back and it got so high we think the wind just helped it along. Even the people that were at the pool were on the hunt for the runaway copter. Rob and Megan found it in another development across the lake, sitting on the ground in a hallway by the other pool with a pile of debris all around, it must have hit the ground pretty hard, but it still runs. Nathan was thrilled that they found it.
Stay tuned for more adventures.........Good Night!!

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