Sunday, June 27, 2010

Weekend Fun

We had a fun weekend with the kids, had a little BBQ with friends and family, my Sister Gina, Chad & Billy were down for the weekend and we had a fun day at Bass Pro Shops!!

Dipping our feet in the pool
Kayla, Megan, Pattie, Rob & Billy
Silly Girls - Kayla & Megan

Nathan had more fun in the shower I think...

I thought these Palms looked cool as the sun was going down

Fun Day at Bass Pro Shops
Nate & Megan getting ready to make some picture frames
Billy making his frame
Billy's finished frame - look at the Buck in the background
he looks board....LOL
Nate & Meg working on their frames
Rob had to step in and move things along...
The kids working on their casting

We had a fun day - We all got new Guy Harvey's shirts and
we got a really cool beach umbrella shade thing for the beach
It's almost like a tent, hope we don't embarrass our friends with it...
we can't wait to use it next weekend at the beach.

Funny story - On the way to the BBQ on Saturday night, I told Megan to put something over her bathing suit and so she'll have something dry to put on after. Well she put on this cute little pull over sundress and as we are walking to the car I notice the pockets are in the back of the dress and I said Megan do the pockets go in the back of that dress?? She had it on backwards, we all had a good laugh. She switched it in the car. Well when we were getting ready to head home, Megan was putting her dress back on and we joked around and said make sure the pockets are in the front. Then as we get home and we are all in the elevator I noticed Megan's dress was on, not backwards this time but inside out...LOL we were all cracking up!!
(but it was dark outside when she put it on, so it was hard to tell that is was inside out)

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