Monday, January 17, 2011

Xmas Picture Post....Finally

Okay I know Christmas has been over for a Weeks now but it's taken me that long to regroup and get back to myself again. It was a hectic, action packed, and sometimes stressful Holiday Season but it was also TONS of Fun and we loved every minute of it....It started out with our Annual Christmas Trip to the Cabin, (Cabin Post) which was so much fun because we had our family from Illionions join us, which made it extra special!! We came home, had two days to put up the tree, finish our shopping, wrap presents and get ready for house guests!!! We had some special House Guests this year. My Niece Deena and My Nephew Beau both together for the first time since they were teeny tiny. It was Such a Special Christmas having them here with us together. Here come the pictures......enjoy.

Beau & Deena Seeing each other for the First Time in almost 15 years..
 Our Tree

 Santa Came and filled up Stockings for Deean, Beau & Rob
But not ME, guess I was a Bad Girl this year :(
 Time for presents..
Billy loves his Army Snuggie!!
 Deena opening her presents..
 Beau reading his Card from his Sister
 Deena showing us her new Digital Camera
 Dad "The Buck" opening his new Golf Club!!!
 Deena and Beau loving on each other!!!
 Beau & Gina opening their loot...
 Billy warming himself by the Fire....
That's how we do it in Florida!!
 Its time for Breakfast...Beau & Rob on the JOB
Aren't they cute!!!
 Their Master Piece
 Little Bro & Big Bro...chilling

 Need to Rewind to Christmas Eve.....
We Always have a Big Christmas Eve Dinner At
Aunt Dot & Uncle Lenny's house....
The Dessert Table....Yummy
The kids lining up for presents...
Frankie, Carlee & Nick

Jessica has a pretty big pile of presents so far... 

 Billy & Deena
Beau, Aunt Dot & Deena
She's their Great Aunt Dot

 Jen and her first Baby Boy...Frankie
He's almost 13!!! And So Handsome!!
 Jessica with her Aunt Bernie
 Gina with girls...Jess & Carlee

Then Fast Forward Christmas Day Dinner
Jen & Frank hosted Christmas Dinner
We love us some Moschette Itialin Dinners!!! 
The Giant Moschette Tree!!
 Nick & Billy being sweet
 Ut Oh...that didn't last long....LOL

 The Moschette Tree w/o the pretty
 We Caught Dad with some dessert!!
 Jess & Carlee got Dance Party II for Wii
and Beau was ripping it up....LOL
 Go Beau!!

It was a FUN Christmas!!

More Christmas Weekend Photos.......

 My Hazelnut Cinnamon Latte....I made


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