Monday, December 20, 2010

Miller Cabin Christmas 2010

It was another AWESOME Miller Christmas Cabin Celebration!! This year was extra special because Grandma and Grandpa Miller joined us!! Along with our cutie pie cousins Ryan and Matthew and Rob's Sister, Jennifer, her Sweetie Jake and her kids Tyler and Kylie also joined us!! We sure did miss our Tonya and Gracie this year!!
After it was all over and we were sad and on our way home to drop off the kids, we asked them if it's more fun with just us or more fun when the family joins us and of course they said it's more fun with the family, so I guess just Rob and I aren't so exciting compared to Grandma and Grandpa Miller, Aunt Jenny and all the cousins to play with.
We are so very Thankful Rob's family could make it, and very GRATEFUL for all they do for us and our kids. They have to drive for about 17 hours to see us!! We SO Appreciate and LOVE YOU ALL and we are VERY Blessed to have you all in our lives. XOXOXO

OK - Here comes lots of pictures..........

First order of Business....decorate our Cabin

 Me Relaxing in the Cabin....before all the kids arrive

Meet the Hammer Boys....
These two Cutie Pies are Balls of Energy
It only took 8 takes to get a good picture...LOL
Ryan loves to be Silly with is Brother...
 Its hard to see but as soon as I snap the picture Ryan pulls Matt's Hair...LOL
 One More Try....
 Ut Oh...almost there
 Ryan sticking his tongue out....

 So Cute....
 Finally...We have all Smiles
The Boys just LOVE their Uncle Rob!!

We had breakfast at the little Country Restaurant
(We think this guy looks like my Dad) LOL
 Rob & Matthew

Rob & Ross relaxing on the back porch....

 Nate was in charge of all Fires...and electronics...LOL
 Our Cutie Pie Niece Kylie with our Megan
The Girls in their new Dress from Grandma Miller
Aren't they Adorable!!

Santa comes to the Cabin....
Nathan trying to wake up....
 Yes that is DVD Player they watch it all night..
 Time for Presents.....
 They got lots of Clothes
Nate loves him some Bob Marley... 

 Megan showing off her Bath & Body Works Goodies
from her BFF's (The Moschettes)
 Ian got this Cool Hoodie from the Moschette's....

 Ian wanted a Pool Table for Xmas and Well
 We like to give the kids what they want...
Ian LOVES his new Pool Table

 All the Boys got Fughigi Balls!!!
 Remote Control Submarine
 This is Nate's Favorite Gift (DJ Scratch Machine)
until Grandma & Grandpa show up then he really gets excited
 Megan loves her Paper Jamz Guitar and Amp

 All the Kids enjoyed the Paper Jamz

 Ian love his new Football
They boys played lots of football (when it wasn't raining)

Rob got some SALT LIFE stuff from the kids

More presents when Grandma, Grandpa and Aunt Jenny came over
Kylie with her Barbies!!

Megan got a cool tattoo drawing book from Aunt Jenny and Look at Nathans Face
this is CLEARLY the BEST Present so far!!! Grandma & Grandpa Miller gave him this Super cool Movie Projector!!

Megan showing off her new Favorite Present from Grandma & Grandpa
her BLUE Digital Camera....and Look at NATE...still LOVING his present...LOL
Grandparents sure do make Wishes Come True!!
Matt with some Cool Lego's!!
Ryan, Tyler & Ian...opening all their cool stuff...
Marcia (Grandma Miller) aka Mina opening her present
A Coach Purse!!

We Played LOTS of UNO!!! It was fun
Kylie loves her Cousin Nathan

Breakfast Time....Kylie, Rob & Megan

Grandma & Grandpa with the Miller Kids

Grandma & Grandpa with the Grand kids
Bye Grandma, Grandpa, Ryan & Matt... We'll Miss You!!

Nathan & Rob chopping wood for the fire

One Morning the Fog was so thick you couldn't see the Lake....

Playing the Whimpy Kid - Cheese Touch Game

Nate setting a screen for Movie Night

After we checked out...we tried to get a few photos...
Our hair was messy, our clothes were wrinkled,
we were cold but we managed to get a few shots

 I think this is Next Years Xmas Card....hee hee

 Our Beautiful MEGAN

Another Super Fun Miller Christmas!!
We Had a BLAST Hanging with our Kids and our Family!!

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