Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend

We hope everyone had a GREAT Thanksgiving!!
We had a Fun time at my Sister's house and we were so excited to be able to get our Megan & Nathan for the long weekend too!!! We are very Blessed and have so much to be Thankful for!!

Here's a few pix from our trip........
Nathan....a Man and his Trumpet

There always has to be a BBQ at some point

 The Rib's...
 Dad...the Grill Master
 Bartender CHAD!!!

 Happy Kids

The Bird!! Came out PERFECT
 Dad carving up the Bird...
 Time to Feast....
Billy chowing down
 Miss Megan
 The Buck... (Dad)
 The Chadda
Gina Bo Bina
 My Plate..

 Chilling after dinner

 The next day, they boys fixed a major water leak!!!

 Miss Megan picked out this new Xmas Dress

 Having fun with Christmas pictures...

Gina, Chad and Billy
Thanks for having us guys!!!

Dad and the Kiddies

We had a Super Fun Weekend....we won't mention the speeding I got!!!

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