Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

We had a GREAT Thanksgiving with the Kids, my Dad (The Buck), My Sister Gina, her husband Chad, my nephews Beau & Edgewater, FL!!!

Thanksgiving Morning Megan & I left the boys
and took a nice walk on the beach
It was Beautiful

 Me & Little Mama Megan

Rob's First Turkey
He'll be Frying it up....but first he did a little Brining
 Beau made some yummy snacks while watching the game
Pickle Wraps....
Rob injecting his Bird....getting ready to fry it
Check out his gloves...yes we made fun of him!!!

Here's Dad injecting his bird....
The Dueling Turkeys are in.....
Nate had to keep a close eye on the burners...
Almost done

This is Dad...Golden Brown Crisp Skin
This is Rob's Bird....his was a little darker as he had lots of Rub on his bird
A little football waiting for the birds to cook
Some Post Thanksgiving Go-Cart Fun

Then all the kids took a turn in the Batting Cages

It was a Super Fun Day!!

We attempted to take some Xmas Photos
but the lighting was all they all
came out pretty bad....

Megan showing off her new clothes


Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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