Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spring Break 2012

Spring 2012 with Nathan and Megan was Super Fun!!

We Started out visiting my Sister & My Dad in Edgewater, FL
Then a Trip to the Ponce Lighthouse, which was tons of fun
Then back down south to our place for swimming and hanging out
Then a Trip to Lion Country Safari which was Super Cool
and we ended the week in Orlando at our favorite hotel
Where we Celebrated Nathan's 14th Birthday!!!

Here comes the pictures....
Our First Adventures was visiting
The Ponce was awesome

Here is everyone getting ready to climb to the top
Billy, Chad, Dad, Rob, Megan & Nate

Gina and the Bell
There are 5 museums there was great

Looking up the staircase inside the Lighthouse

Its hard to see but Rob, Chad, Nate & Megan are at the top

Me, Nate, Megan & Rob

Dad (The Buck) with the kids
Nate, Meg, Dad & Billy

The Husted's
Chad, Gina & Billy

Me, Dad & Gina

That's the Red Baron...LOL
The little Red Plane was flying all around

Adventure #2
Lion Country Safari
Here we go....

Look at this guy!!! He has a huge under bite!!

They Creatures were running all over the place

Lots of Gorgeous animals all over

Excuse me....your in our way

The Lions were behind a fence but
they were Gorgeous!!!
 They were very sleepy

This guy is hiding behind a tree....LOL

Megan was a bit scared that the Rhino's came so close

The Zebra's were Amazing

I think he had an itchy back...LOL
They were very playful

Hello There....they are so prehistoric looking

Watch out Zebra Crossing!!!

UT Oh...Giraffe Crossing

Look at this cutie pie....

Looks like a hungry Giraffe Family
So Awesome

After you drive through, there is a little walk through park

Rob with Megan & Nate

The Spider Monkeys were to funny
They live on their own little Island

This Guy kept walking around on his back legs
and sticking his belly was funny
Rob said he has back trouble...LOL

Beautiful Flamingo's
The first time I've seen a REAL Flamingo
very cool how they sleep on one foot

Taking a Ride on the Ferris Wheel
Rob & Megan

Nathan & Me

Then the BEST Part
Feeding the Giraffes - So Amazing

 Nathan feeding one
 Rob's Turn
 Hello There
 My Turn
 They were so cool
This was a little guy

Getting ready to head into the mine...

Here's a porcupine
 Panning for Gold....
well not really more like Stones and Gems
 They found Arrow Heads and a few gem stones

Stay Tuned for more Spring Break 2012 Adventures

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