Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Angel on Earth

I have neglected my blog for most of the year, but I am hoping to catch up so I can be current, as the last quarter of the year starts to get super busy.....we had a great year and lots of fun with the kids, our families and our friends but then our world stopped as our family experienced a great loss, one that none of us will recover from for a long time, if ever.

My Very Special Aunt Ginger, was called to Heaven in July and I'm sure I can speak for the rest of our family when I say, it is still so unbelievable to comprehend.
She was a true Angel right here on Earth. She was the kind of person everyone wanted to be around because she made you feel so special and loved and she was just such a shining light and a joy to be around. She was battling several illnesses but you never ever heard her complain, she was always happy to talk to you and to hear from you and always put everyone first, she always had a smile on her face, when most people in her situation would have just given up, but she never did!!
We all felt like we had a special bond with her because that's how she made you feel, she was Precious to me and I can never explain what she meant to me, but I hope she knew how loved she was. My Mother loved her very much and they always had a great time together and now I know they are both in Heaven having a big party!!

My heart will forever be broken and I will never stop missing You Aunt Ginger Bread!!!

My Beautiful Aunt Ginger with her two favorite girls
Her Beautiful Daughter Amy and Beautiful Granddaughter Ashlyn!
 My Beautiful Aunt Ginger with her two BFF's
Her Cousins Norma and Jenny

I Love You Aunt Ginger and I will never stop missing you!!

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