Tuesday, February 11, 2014

May & June 2013 Recap

May is always a Fun Month for us, It's Rob's Birthday Month and Our Anniversary!!!

This year for Rob's Birthday, I got tickets for us to go see his favorite group The Lacs, and they just happened to be in Augusta, GA, right by my cousins!!! Yay, so we got to visit with my Cousins and see The Lacs.....We had  a Blast!!!
We Started Out the Month flying to Atlanta
 We Stopped for Lunch in Atlanta at Gladys Night & The Pimps Restaurant
for famous Chicken & Waffles!!!

It was Really Good....but I left my phone there and did not
realize it until we drove 2 hours to Augusta!! But Rob Called them and
they held it for us until we went back a few days later to fly home!!

Rob and The Lac Boys!!!

 Beautiful May with Sweet Baby Amelia!!!
 Rob, Amy & Reynold at the Lacs concert
It was a GREAT Trip and We had lots of fun Hanging with Tracy, Kristen, 
Amy & Reynold and We got to see my Uncle Vernon Too!!
Thanks For lettting us stay with  you Tracy and for all the Awesome Food you made!!
We Love Ya'll XOXO

Happy Birthday To My Handsome Husband!!
Love You Baby!!

Happy 6 year Anniversary To Us!!!
We spent the weekend on the Beach....It was perfect!!
Our view from our room

 Hung out on the Beach

 Enjoyed some Tasty Cocktails!!

We played a little Corn Hole

It was an Awesome Anniversary Celebration!!!

Then on May 22... Rob got a Big Surprise
A New Truck & Truck payment!! He LOVES it!!

May is Over and June starts off to a Really Bad Start...
My Sister Gina went into the Hospital for a routine Kidney Stone Removal
but the infection was so bad, she became septic and her body could barely fight it off and 
she went into Respitory Distress and Could not breathe on her own.. and was put
on a Ventalator to breath for three days. I am getting the chills just thinking about it. 
I will never get the sight of her on the vent out of my head. I could not sleep or eat or think for those three days.  All I could do was sit there with her and talk to her and pray!!! Finally they took her off the vent and she could breath on her own but had to stay on oxgen and breathing treatments for another 5 days. She could not walk or even eat on her own, It was pretty scary and I felt helpless but  I was able to help feed her and help her walk. I was so happy when she was finally moved out of ICU. She does not even remember most of it, thank goodness!!! Don't know what I would do without my Sister!!! Love You Gina!!!

By the time I came back from taking care of my Sister, Rob had picked up the Kids for The Summer!!!

Happy Fathers Day!!!
The Kids could not wait to give Rob this Beer Card!!

A few days later... we went on an Adventure with our Friends Annette & John
 to Miami for some yummy BBQ and We visited the Big Foot Research Center!!

It was a Fun Day!!

Megan Turns 14 - Birthday Dinner at Behni Hanna 

Megans New High Shoes!!

Happy Birhday Our Beautiful Megan!!
We Love You!!!

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