Sunday, November 18, 2007

Condo Living is a Bummer!!

Hi All – I hope everyone is having a fun weekend and getting ready for Thanksgiving. We recently received a love letter from our Condo Association telling us they were raising our already extremely high maintenance by 10%!!! This is already on top of our 3rd Assessment since the hurricane. This last assessment is supposed to start December 1st, and in assessments and maintenance we are talking over $1,000 a month plus our mortgage payment!!! What are they thinking? Why would they start an assessment in December during the Holidays?!?! At this point we can not afford to live here.
So this weekend we have started painting. We are painting the entire place and getting it ready because it’s going on the market!! I know, I know, it’s a horrible time to sell but if we don’t sell I don’t know how we’ll be able to keep up the payments. So please pray for us that is will be a quick sale for a decent amount. There have been 9 foreclosures in our association already and more on the way, so everyone has to pick up the slack and that’s why the maintenance is so high, I guess. I don’t know how we’ll be able to get a good price when there are so many foreclosures being sold, I’m praying for a miracle.
Once we sell, and I am keeping the faith that we will, then we are seriously thinking about moving North to the Jacksonville area. It’ll be extremely hard for me to be away from my family but we’ll be closer to the kids and I should still be able to stay with the company and we’d have a better chance at buying a larger house for a cheaper price in that area. If I can’t find a job in the company then we’ll probably stay around here, as I do not want to change jobs and Rob can work anywhere as there is cable everywhere. But we will NOT buy a condo again, it’s a house without an association or we’ll just rent until we find something or until the Market stabilizes.
I told myself this blog would not have any negative posts on it, but this is part of our lives and this blog is about our lives and somehow it feels better to share our frustration…LOL
Well I better get back to painting; Rob says break time is over.

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