Saturday, November 3, 2007

I'm still new to the blogging world and I'm not sure how often I should post, I was thinking of waiting until something exciting happens in our lives, but we are just pretty normal people and nothing all the exciting happens on a regular basis..LOL, so instead I'll just post as often I want to keep everyone updated on the goings on of our family and friends

We did have the pleasure of spending our Friday night with the Moschette Kids (Frankie 9, Jessica 8, Carlee 6 and Nick 4). Their parents Jen & Frank (my cousins) had a night out. We always have so much fun with kids.

Oh, here is some exciting news, at least we think so. We have officially booked our Cruise to celebrate on 1st Wedding Anniversary and we are so excited and the best part is that we hope to have our family and friends join us on the cruise...I've been on two other family cruises and they are so much fun with your family. More on the cruise later....

Let's see what do we have planned for November....
First, next Thursday 10/8 we'll be celebrating Big Nick Moschette's 4th birthday. He is really into Spiderman these days and we even had to watch the Spiderman movie last night with him. Nick also loves doing yard work with his Dad and loves his power tools, or if your lucky he'll cook you a nice meal in his kitchen, we may have a future handyman/chef on our hands. Here's a few cute pics of Nick

Then next Friday, Shalon VanDielen, another cousin who lives in Arizona with her her husband Randy and their son Shane is having a Birthday. We miss you Shalon, Randy and Shane and we are all thinking of you. Then the following week I'm off to Jacksonville for three days to attend a training class for work. I'll be missing my husband!! Then I believe it'll be Thanksgiving again, and I'm not sure yet but It'll probably be our Normal family celebration!!!
So that sums up our November, and then before you know it, it'll be Christmas!!!

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jajbs said...

Love the pics of the cute little guy!!! You sure do have busy days ahead of you!!!