Thursday, November 29, 2007

Guilty Pleasure!!!

I love watching “Dancing with the Stars”, anyone else?
I’m addicted and I hate it when it ends. I’m not that into reality TV but this I love. Rob could take it or leave it, mostly leave it…LOL. This week was the final episode of this season, and now I can’t wait to see who the next group of (washed up/out of work) celebrities will be. But in the meantime between seasons there is a spin off. I can’t remember the name of it but it’s going to have two of the judges (Bruno & Carrie Ann) assembling two teams of dancing/singers and they have a contest to see which team wins and it’s another call in an vote situation, and it’s hosted by the former Dancing Winner Drew Lachey!!!

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Kelly said...

I love the show too...unfortunately Bob thinks he can dance like them and subjects me to horrible spins and twirls in the living room all the while I am trying to keep my eye on the tv so I don't miss Max's butt!