Friday, March 6, 2009

Keeping it Real....

So this week has been both shocking, exhilarating and life changing to say the least.

After almost 9 years at my current job I was laid off along with a total of 500 other people from the company. And of course I was shocked and surprised. We all knew it was coming but you never think it will happen to you, just like all bad things in life.

I went through all the emotions, shock, sadness, and anger. But now that I’ve had a few days to get used to the idea I am starting to get excited about this new chapter in my life.

The company did provide everyone that was let go a very generous severance package and for that I am very grateful. However, it won’t last forever and I am currently starting to actively look for a new job. The best part is, financially I will be able to choose a job that I enjoy and not just one that pays the bills because in today’s market the pay isn’t what it used to be and my main focus will be good benefits first and the pay second.

I realized sitting at a desk all day in front of a computer, completely sucks the energy out of your body and it’s not something I want to do again. So that opens up an entire new direction for me and I’m excited to see what that will bring.

This week I have been full of energy and it feels great, nothing like I felt after coming home from the office each day and I don’t want to feel like that again if I can help it.

I am going to devote this paid time off to changing my lifestyle along with my husbands, and get hearth healthy so we can be ready for whatever the future brings.
The hype is real people; exercise is good for the mind, the body and the soul!! And now I can’t use the excuse that I don’t have time or I’m too tired. I have nothing but time so my current focus is getting myself in the best shape I can be and also getting out in the market place to see what opportunities are available.

I do feel bad for all my friends that did get to stay in their jobs because they all did take pay cuts and some have different positions and most of them have double and triple the work load for less pay. I hope things turn around and the company regains its financial stability and everyone that stayed will be secure for the future. I will certainly miss the day to day interaction with all my super cool co-workers, as I've made some life long friendships there but I also know that we will all keep in touch and be there for each other.

We have some exciting things coming up this month, so be sure to check back and read the postings. Spring break with the kids, lots of birthdays, a trip to see Paula Deen in person…yahoo!!

So stay tuned family & friends and follow our journey……

Love to all
Pattie & Rob

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