Saturday, March 28, 2009

Nate had a little accident

We were up pretty late last night because Rob had to take Nathan to get stitches on his head!!
The kids were with Rob at his warehouse, they love hanging out there, not sure why, personally I'd rather have a root canal. Anyway, Nathan was tossing some kind of toy boat in the air, and it hit a light fixture which fell down and cut him.
So if you've ever had a cut anywhere on the head you know it bleeds pretty bad, and this put poor Nathan into a panic and when he saw all the blood and it made him toss his cookies, poor guy.
Rob got it under control and he was up and running around right away. Well I suggested he take Nate to the doctor to look at it but you know men. Rob said Nate is fine and running around like nothing happened and I'm bringing them home right after they get these airbrushed tattoo's done...WHAT!!!!
One of Rob's warehouse friends is an airbrush artist. Rob said it'll just take a minute, okay if you know Rob, a minute in Rob's world is easily 20-30 minutes. So at 10pm he calls to say Nate's head is gushing again....HELLO!!
So I found an after hours pediatric emergency care center because we all know if he went to the Emergency Room at the hospital, we'd still be there 8 hours later!!! They took him in right away and fixed him all up, he got 3 staples. And the doctors loved them so much he only charged half price!! Thank Goodness because they did not take the kids insurance.
Here a few pictures I took once they finally got home around 11:30pm!! I think it was 1:30pm before everyone was in bed!!

Nate showing us his tough side
Here's the tattoo that was more important than going to the doctor..LOL
Here is Miss Megan's tattoo!! I know what your thinking..

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