Friday, July 17, 2009

The Adventures of Nathan.......

Our Nathan has had a pretty busy Summer......he gets to spend most of his time with Rob and that can get to be lots of fun for Nathan.....check it out.

Scuba Lessons for Nate
Rob has been wanting to learn to Scuba for awhile, finally he has someone to go with him....

Nate & Megan at Bass Pro Shops
Nate Driving someones boat...he gets on every one's boats
We have no idea who these people are.....LOL
Nathan with the Statue of the Barefoot Mailman
at the Pompano Beach Lighthouse

Nathan at the Pompano Beach Lighthouse
You see the look on his face....he would LOVE to own this.
This was a trip to Sam Ash Music Store
More fun at Bass Pro Shops
Rewiring something in Rob's Truck at the Skate Park
Mowing the lawn at our friend Donny's house
Nathan's Work is Never Done......

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