Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Summer Update

The kids have been here for 3 weeks now and time is flying by. I told the kids last night they’ve been here 3 weeks already and Nate said it feels like they just got here.
We’ve had a pretty good summer so far…We’ve been to two BBQ’s, 1 Birthday Party, 1 trip to Bass Pro and countless fishing trips and lots of snorkeling and swimming. We’ve been through more food than I can tell you; these kids are eating machines; the grocery bills are out of control as is the laundry!!!

Miss Megan has had a Beach birthday party, a sleep-over with her BFF’s Jess & Carlee and she’s been attending summer camp and she loves it. They take them to game rooms, bowling, skating, to water parks and sports complexes. Plus she gets to hang out with her BFF’s all day!!! Thanks Jen for taking care of Miss Megan all summer. She is also enjoying sleeping on her new Jonas Brother Sheets!!! Thanks to Aunt Tonya & Uncle Craig. In between camp and hanging with her BFF’s she’s hanging out with Rob at the warehouse and going swimming and snorkeling and when she’s home she’s constantly making all kinds of crafts.

Megan having fun with a coconut and Rob's head....

Nathan has been going to work everyday with Rob and he’s a big help because he actually knows what he’s doing. He’s also been busy at the “Nathan Repair Shop” this summer. Nathan has repaired several weed eaters and lawn mowers for Rob’s warehouse neighbors and he’s made about $50 so far. He actually got Rob’s cell phone and called Rob’s friends to tell them what time he’d be at the warehouse so they could bring their items over so he could fix them. He’s also been snorkeling and fishing with Rob a lot, he’s getting really good at fishing for bait. He’s also had a few adventures on other people’s boats. Nathan meets people wherever he goes.

Nathan Hi-jacking someones boat!!!
Nate Snorkeling
Ian has had a good summer hanging between two girls…Brittany (the Stalker chick) and Jessica (The Sweet Girl). Brittany is so in-love with Ian, however he’s just her friend and Jessica and Ian are friends but Ian would love to be more but Jessica has a boyfriend. But she sure does hangout with Ian a lot. They have a lot in common. In two weeks Ian will be attending Jessica’s Sweet 16 Party. We’ll have to take him shopping for an appropriate party outfit. Ian has been fishing a lot this summer, he’s caught several Bass and Rob’s been dragging him to fish in the ocean and so far Ian is still more of a Bass Fisherman. He’s also enjoyed snorkeling and boating this summer with Rob and hanging out and fishing with our Friend Donny.
The kids with Ian's friend JESSICA!!!
Ian's Big Bass....He's a Pro Fisherman

Stay tuned for the rest of our Summer Adventures…..

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