Sunday, July 5, 2009

We Interupt this Miller Blog for Some Moschette Cuteness!!!

My cousin Jen and her husband Frank have 4 amazing kids and we love them so much!!! Jen sent me some recent pictures and I could not resist posting them.

First a Big Congratulations to NICK
for his Preschool Graduation!!!
Miss Carlee loves her Easy Bake Oven....she's a good cook!!
These are the beautiful Moschette Girls..Jessica & Carlee
Jess is eating my favorite....Chocolate Chip Mint!!!
Captain Underpants
Nick LOVES his Superhero's
and getting caught in the rain......

There is one kid missing....Frankie but he's to busy to catch in photos, he's either on the baseball field playing a game or on the field practicing....we'll try to get some pictures of Frankie soon.
Our Megan is going to camp this summer with Jessica, Carlee & Frankie and she is LOVING it. Thanks Jen for taking & picking Megan up at camp everyday for us!!!

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