Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Amy & Brian's Wedding Post......

Congratulations Amy & Brian
We Wish You Ever Lasting Love
Because with Love all things are Possible....
We had an amazing Weekend with our family....Below are the Wedding Pictures. Stay tuned for more family fun photos to come from our Fun Weekend in South Carolina. I apologize as a lot of the pictures came out blury...time for a new camera maybe...LOL
Amy & Her Dress a day before the Wedding

Tracy & Aunt Ginger lighting the Candles

Handsome Groom Waiting for his Bride.....
The Beautiful Flower Girl....Ashlyn Here Comes the Bride.....

A Reading from the Bible...by Tracy (Brother of the bride)
And my Handsome Cousin
The Vows
Lighting of the Candles

You May Kiss The Bride.....
The Kiss
Mr & Mrs Rollins!!!!!
What a Gorgeous Couple!!!
They will make Beautiful Babies!!!
The Bride (Amy) and her Brother (Tracy)
The Ferris Family

We Are Family....Got All My Sisters with Me!!!!!!!
One Big Amazing Family
Cousins....Norma, Amy, Amanda and Jenny
Billy & Nick....too cute
The First Dance

Father Daughter Dance
Daddy's Little Girl
Groom & Mother Dance

The Electric Slide......
The Grooms Cake
The Cake Topper....It's Vintage
It was Amy's Mom's Cake Topper
The Cake
Cutting the Cake
So Sweet
No Cake Smashing here....
Chad & Gina
Ashlyn & Carlee
These two had sooo much fun together
Amy & Brian
Father of the Bride (Uncle Vernon)
Toasting the Couple
Maid of Honor - Toasting the Couple

Throwing the Bouquet
The Garter

Frank & Jen
Kristin & Tracy
Aunt Ginger can still shake it!!!
Amy & Jen....getting down
Kissing Cousins!!!!
Ashlyn & Her Grandpa (Uncle Vernon)
Amy & Her Uncle Buck.....(My Dad)
Cousins Shalon & Randy....getting down
Ashlyn..........future Bride
We all had a Wonderful Time at the Wedding
Thanks so much for everything Aunt Ginger & Uncle Vernon

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