Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bedroom Make Over

We Finally we painted our Bedroom. I could not decided on a color. But it finally happened and we are very pleased with the out come. We still have lots to do to complete the total makeover. I forgot to take before pictures, so I snapped a few mid clean don't mind all the junk.
We painted a cheerful and calming shade of Blue
Cleaned out lots of junk.....
Things left to doShopping List...
- White Wicker Hamper
- Art Work for over the bed and other walls
- Curtains to replace those horrible verticals
- White Desk for office area
- White Book Shelf (Rob said he'll build one)...we'll see
 - Lamps for night stands
 - New Carpet
 - New Bedding
Before photo - notice the blue paint, trying to decide on colors
Don't mind the junk...that was all cleaned out of boxes and drawers....

Here comes the after so far.....

Desk/Office Area

Above (on the left) you see the book shelf that needs to be replaced

Above you can see the horrible verticals..we hate them

Look at the cute sailboat and nautical people I found at Home Goods.

Above is cute starfish picture I found, also from Home Goods (We love that store)
Also, don't look at the light switches, those are also being replaced.

It's a work in Progress....stay tuned for further updates.

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