Monday, October 26, 2009

Blog Catch Up

We've been so busy lately, I have not had a chance to blog....sorry people, if I still have any readers out there, please forgive my absence.

Last week we visited with a dear friend who was visiting from Washigton State. I still think of her as my Step Mom because at one point she was my Step-Mom and she and Dad found each other again many years later after they had slip. She's always been a big part of our lives and we are always so happy to see her. The last time we saw her was at our Wedding.  Below are a few pictures from her visit.

Dad, Marion & Joe (Marions Son)
Joe has always been (My Brother) to me

Joe, is busy performing at truck shows with his Monster Truck.... Here's just one of his trucks, and this is the little one. It's a little dark, sorry it was night time and not much light at the beach. 

If you want to see more of Joe's Truck check out this website

Yesterday I attended a Baby Shower for some friends of ours, Robin & Mike (Mike is a childhoold friend and they are part of my family) they are excpecting thier first baby Boy in January but I hate to say it but I forgot my camera, I know, I know!! I am a mess. Congratulations Mike & Robin!!! We can't wait to meet the little guy!!

A few weeks ago, I attended my Cousin Tiffany's babyshower and my pictures were corrupted when I tried to download them, but Tiffany sent me some pictures to post. Tiffany and Steve are also expecting thier first baby BOY (Blake Anonthy!!) We are thrilled for them and can't wait to meet the newest member of the family.

Tiffany, with Aunt Dot (Tiff's Grandmother) and cousins Carlee & Jessica
If you notice the blue thing on Jessica's Arm, she had a cast on for the past month and she recently got the cast off and she is so excited. Look how Happy she is now!!

Beautiful Jessica

and Here's our Beautiful Carlee at the Shower - We had so much fun with the girls!!

Tiffany and her Mom Kim (who came in from Ohio for the shower)

Tiffany & Steve with thier Moms

Grandma, Mom, Daughter & Grandaughter

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