Sunday, October 4, 2009

Camping Pictures

Rob and the kids are having a are a few pictures he sent from his cell phone, so the pictures are  not the greatest but until he comes back with the camera these will have to do....

This is the campsite - before Tents are up

This is the mini tent & Ian....they use this tent to keep all their stuff
(It's the closet....LOL) Who is that Man?
Oh it's Ian, look at him, when did that happen where has our Little Ian gone?

Megan with her Pink chair....she's really roughing it....LOL
And Ian

This is Megan's room in the tent...its all Megan, Pink and fun

This is from this moring....Rob is cooking breakfast for them
Do you notice the Microwave between the kids and the electric fryer on the table, man camping sure has become a lot easier these days!!

Have a FUN FUN Day!!
I Miss You Guys!!
Love You!!!!

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