Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Husband Rocks!! and he builds....

Do you remember the post a few months back showing our room transformation, and how I mentioned my wish list of things I wanted to complete the room. bedroom makeover.
Well finally I got the new bookshelf I wanted. The one I had been using was a piece of junk older than the hills and made out of pressboard the back was even cardboard and falling off, it was Nasty! Well my Super Talented Husband built me a new one and I Love It!!

Before picture
(it's not a great picture but you can see how tiny and junky it is)

New Custom Made Shelf

Isn't it GREAT!!!
Notice the detail there is Crown Molding around the top and bottom
He made it to match the bedroom furniture.

Honestly it so much Larger than I expected but I love it
I just put in a few things I had, but I want to get some baskets to go along the bottom shelf.

Thank You Baby!!! I Love it!!

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