Sunday, March 14, 2010

Birthday Weekend Pictures

This was a FUN Birthday weekend!! My Birthday started off with a call FIRST Thing in the morning from my Very Special In-Laws Marcia and Ross!! They made feel very special.
Then My Handsome Step Son Ian called me and talked to me all the way to work!! He just made my Day!! I had a GREAT Day at Work on My Birthday because my Co-Workers took good care of me!! Decorated My Cube, had bagels and donuts, cards and gifts,Thanks Sonia for the Bundt Pan!!! and the Candle!! And they had a very yummy cheesecake for me!!
Then My Beautiful Sister-In-Law Jenny and my Cutie Pie Niece Kylie called to Wish me a Happy Birthday!!
Then my Special Cousins The Moschette's called to Wish Me Happy Birthday all 6 of them!! My  Special Cousin Len & Bernie called Me, My Gorgeous Cousin Tiffany called me. My Nephew Blake sent me a text!! Flowers from my Sweet Sister were waiting for me when I got home!!! Then to end my day I got to talk to My Special Tanya & Gracie!! Plus I got all kinds of emails and Facebook notes from all my family and friends. It was a GREAT Birthday!!!
Then on Saturday night we had a GREAT Dinner at Benihanna's with our friends. The food was so good and the drinks were great!! Then on Sunday we had the family over for Brunch My Special Aunt Dot made Biscuits and Gravy for everyone!! It was the BEST Birthday!!

My Sister sent me some Beautiful Flowers
My Friend Sonia brought me these beautiful Daisies
They had a yummy Cheesecake at work that had this choclate disc on it

Our Fun Night at Benihana's!!
Starring for One Night Only.....
Suzie & Jon
Kelly & Hans
Dana & Miles
The Millers....(I hate close ups!!) But look how cute My Rob is!!
Our Hibatchi Chef......
Shrimp Appetizers
Look at this Onion  Volcano!!!
Hans teaching Dana & Miles how to use Chop Sticks!!
Personally I can't be bothered with all that, just give me a fork!!
Rob pretending to be the Chef!!
He wasn't allowed to touch the Knives
Ok he was allowed to use Chops Stick but
only with the wrapper on them!!
They Sang Happy Birthday in Japense
Part of our Group....we are missing Kelly & Hans
they had to leave early (we missed them)
After to much fried Rice, Beer, Wine and Benihana Punch!!
It was time for some Wii Dancing Fun and more Beer
I like to Move it Move it!!
Shake Your Grove Thing Ya Ya Ya
Sunday Morning Brunch and a Birthday Apple Pie
(notice what we recycled!! hee hee)
My Precious Cousin Jessica was trying the Dance Wii
 She was doing great!! Miss Carlee did a great job too but I didn't get a picture
It was Fun Weekend!!
Thanks Everyone!!!
I am So Blessed to have Such An Amazing Loving Family
 and Amazing Life Long Friends!!!
I Love You Guys!!!

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