Sunday, March 28, 2010

Catch of The Day

It was a nice day to spend in the Everglades!!! At least for Rob & Dad anyway. Rob was up at 4:00 am getting ready to meet Dad so they could be on the water when the sun came up.
Here's a few pictures from thier day.. These are from Rob's cell so the quality isn't so great.

Dad with the First Bass
Another One
This was their lunch...grilling burgers right on the boat!!
Leave it to men to figure out how to grill and fish at the same time.

This one is funny..if you look in the mouth of this fish
you can see Rob's bait hanging out of his mouth that got stolen from Rob
and then Dad caught the fish later....LOL
These were the keepers.....
Not sure who caught what but you can bet when there
is a Hightower in the boat...they catch the Most!!!
The Fillet Master at Work....Fish Fry anyone
The Boys Had a Fun Day!!!

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